More than one way to do things?


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Jul 30, 2016
There are more than one way to do things, you think that it is the only way but gosh! It is your way of thinking, other people may be don't think like you. .

Some people who lived earlier in time believed that we can't go to outer space but it was their thinking so they didn't work on it but as people grew and grew, their ways of taking life has changed. .

There is No more bad thing then pessimism. Tell me name of one pessimistic billionaire, they don't exist. Neither does pessimistic millionaires. You can find majority of pessimistic people who are broke. .

Wait. Are you broke? Sorry bro but it is because the way you think is somewhat messed up. That is why you ain't rich and not living in abundance. .

Getting back to point of there are more than one ways to do things, some of my earlier friends are complainers. "Man, i feel stuck at this situation, This debt is huge burden on me." .

I am like it is their approach, there could be more than one ways to that. But if you think it is the only way, then it is for you. Not for others .

i will end at, paraphrasing a quote, "In a world where you can be anything, Don't be a pessimist." .

Best Wishes..!

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