4 Tools to analyze hashtag on Twitter


Apr 22, 2016
In this post I want to talk about some very useful tools to make analysis of the hashtag, mainly on Twitter.

Hashtags, the famous text strings preceded by "#" which were originally used only to aggregate themes or topics on a specific subject, have become a real marketing tool.

In fact, through the proper use of the hashtag you can improve your content strategy in general with these activities:

exposure of your content
analysis of competitors
influencer engagement of account in the reference niche

In recent years many companies have started to create specific tools for the analysis and tag management, with 4 these tools I hope you will have tools to improve your content marketing:


Hashtagify is a very useful tool to find out the correlation between different hashtags and identify the relative weight. The dashboard is in fact a search string in which to enter a search term, after a few seconds of work, the tool shows the popularity of the label at the top and in the center a diagram with related tags. For each it is indicated the popularity and the degree of proximity with the search.


By registering to the service, searches can be saved for later use.

If instead we want to find out what the account-influencer simply click on the tab "influencer" and a graph will display the results sorted by influence/specialization.

Among other functions, the graph popularity over time (registration required), social wall for a complete real-time overview of your posted tweets and search for Instagram (available from the business plan onwards).

The basic plan of Hashtagify is free, paid profiles ranging from $ 9.99/month for personal, up to $ 299 / month for the Enterprise.


More suitable for those looking for a tool to search for keywords in real time, Keyhole is a very complete suite that allows you to make inquiries as well as on hashtag, on account of individual keywords and even URL. We can choose the platform to monitor among Twitter or Instagram and get a very complete results panel.


Dashboard shows you the most popular content, a tag cloud with related hashtags and especially the most influential account. In this panel, you can select the type of influence including:

engagement product
Klout score (still someone uses it?)
Posting frequency of our tag
Keyhole is a tool that presents many options to research competitors, live stream, automated reports and export data to PDF. A first sample reports can be created in free mode, but plans available for more detailed analysis ranging from 99 to $ 599 / month.


Followthehashtag is the modular tool for researching hashtag in Twitter.

Among the most interesting features of geo heat maps, export to PDF or Excel, searching for sun related images.

The dashboard is intuitive despite the functions are complex, I recommend you try the Advanced search allows you to filter results based on parameters provided by the advanced search for Twitter.

The bidding system is modulated on the purchase of individual functions, among the most useful the ability to have historical data from 2006 to date.



If you need a tool that will measure the performance of a real-time hashtag to your tweets, Ritetag is the right solution.

Ritetag is available in web app and Chrome extension and shows you in real time, ie as you type your tweet, the best solution for your hashtag


The bar at the bottom of the screen alerts you with a color tag and an icon that is better:

Green: suitable for hashtag trending at the moment
Blue: suitable for tags that will have the best performance over time
Red: hashtag not advisable
By pressing the "compare" button you will get the details of each tag and suggestions for further hashtag to join our tweet.

These are only some tools dedicated to hashtag, if you know any other because I did not signal them?

However if you are looking for other tools for your business you can try google for many alternatives.



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Nov 25, 2015
I do not think that I have ever heard of Keyhole. The others I have heard of but Keyhole doesn't sound familiar.

I just went and checked it out and tried the demo on the main page and I have to say that I am surprised at all the different things that it shows you. I especially liked the "Most Influential" data. That can help people to follow the top people for a given keyword which can help get targeted followers.

Nice list you have here, thanks for sharing this with us. ;)


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Aug 4, 2017
Yes, thanks for this list. I have been searching for a program to help with hashtags and I've seen a couple that you mention. This gives me a much better overview of each and what the benefits are. Twitter is a bit of a mystery to me and acquiring followers has not been working too well. This should improve my follows and I really appreciate the info.


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Jul 23, 2017
Nice article and thanks for the information. Twitter is probably one of the best sources for free traffic. What makes hashtags on Twitter great is that you can create eye catching content with 140 characters or less directly to people. Normally, I do my own hashtag research as to what's trending along with key words or phrases. I do this because even though the majority of Twitter's traffic won't stick. Free traffic is free traffic at the end of the day! Twitter is also great because they separate trending hashtags between geographic locations. So if I'm looking to promote a product in a specific region, I can! Your tools listed, however, should make my life even easier!


New member
Sep 13, 2017
You may also want to ass Statweestics to the list -

They give you the top (500) hashtags for different time periods (day, week, month, year) - along with some other interesting info.

Very handy to pick hashtags for blog post tweets - especially if you are going to tweet it repeatedly for a few days.
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New member
Sep 14, 2017
Hi guys,

Any tool that you use to alert you for twitter hashtag or keyword? Can anyone share experience with some tool that he used before / still using?

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