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BidsWar - Online Auctions System

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    BidsWar - Online Auctions System

    Hello everyone,

    We're proud to introduce to you a brand new system, we're talking about an online contest system based on auctions. I introduce to you www.BidsWar.net

    For more details about how this system works, access How it Works page, here: http://bidswar.net/help.html
    Also, for those who like the system, this script is available for sale here: http://mn-shop.com/scripts/bidswar-online-auctions-system

    Thank you!

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    Hey Hyuga,

    I might be interested in the script because my friend has been talking about trying to build an auction/bidding based website and this seems to be exactly what he needs.

    I looked at the shop and I have one question. What exactly does the ''professional installation'' refer to? Your actual assistance or what? I assumed that setting up the whole thing shouldn't require the help or am I wrong? What's the perk of buying it?

    Thank you for the answer

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    "Professional Installation" means that we will install this script for you. There are people who have no ideea how to create a database or how to install a PHP script, this is why we have this option, for those who are not able to install this script alone.


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