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Bing Ads for Affiliate Marketing?

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    Bing Ads for Affiliate Marketing?

    I have heard that 7search and Bing Ads are friendly towards the affiliate marketers. I have used 7ads for client work it can give some results but it's not easy to optimize it. Also sales are not that easy with it. I am trying to find out if the Bing Ads in such case can provide a much better solution for this. I want to use landing page where I have this client product which I wish to have some conversion using Bing ads. I want to find out if Bing ads in such context can be used for proper conversion into affiliate sales?

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    It depends on a lot of things, such as the product or the industry of the products, how you have built your conversion funnel with your landing page, the keywords you have chosen with BingAds.

    Technically it can work on Bing. The reason is Bing is still a search engine where the users actively search on it. What this means is people are in the "ready" state of looking for, comparing prices, or even buying the products from some online websites. This already leads to the opportunities of converting any sales including affiliate sales.

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    Adwords and Bingads cover almost all of the paid search market share so I wouldn’t bother with expanding beyond them until your ad campaigns are at a point where you just can’t grow them anymore. Google gets a lot more volume than Bing so you’ll find that with Adwords you can spend a lot more. However, if you’re on a smaller budget you may find that Bingads could work just as well for you or in some cases it may work better for you than Adwords. In my experience, the potential for spend on Bingads is about 15% of the potential for spend on Adwords. For example, if you are spending $100/day on Bingads then you could probably spend $700 on Adwords, thereby making that much more money on your ad spend using Adwords. However, in some cases Adwords may be more competitive than Bingads and you may find that your profit margin is better with Bingads than with Adwords. Also, Bingads is not as strict as Adwords is so you may also find that you have less ad disapprovals with Bingads than with Adwords. Affiliate marketing landing pages will often fall under Adwords’ definition of a “bridge page” and Adwords may disapprove your ad for that reason and ultimately they could disable your account while Bingads has a looser definition of that term, and your chances of surviving are better. Go ahead and give both of them a shot. Way to go with taking the initiative on creating a business, good luck!

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