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Is Magento Free or Paid?

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    Is Magento Free or Paid?

    I am confusing about Magento, my friends suggested me to use it and I check their sites but I don't understand it is free or paid and what is business version in Magento?
    Can I use it for free any restriction in a free version?

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    Magento has two versions, paid and free. Their community version is free and people say it should be good enough. Obviously it's one of those programs for more advanced users so if you're new to everything you should try something else. I haven't tried it myself so I can't talk about the restriction, but I was told you need to pay to experience the full power of it.

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    When you have two versions of anything, it usually means that one of them has at least some sort of restrictions or lacks some features. That's most likely the free version.

    Yes, you do have a free version called ''Community'' and a paid one called ''Enterprise''.

    The community one is a free, open source but it requires you to know what you're doing. If you're a complete beginner then this isn't a good fit for you.

    There are a few key differences between the two such as;
    - the loading time of the pages (obviously paid is better),
    - faster indexing,
    - the free one isn't good if you have many products,
    - free one doesn't have full page caching,
    - and more.

    The Magento Community can be fine if it meets your needs some people just want more and therefore go for the Enterprise. I hope that this helps!

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    I was suggested on another forum to try Wordpress with the WooCommerce plugin. If you're a beginner, like me, I suggest you to use the same solution: woocommece.com, as I found it to be easy to implement and there is a lot of information on the web. But if you're willing to try Magento, then you should start with the free community version.

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