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Are Paid to click sites still profitable?

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    Are Paid to click sites still profitable?

    Some years ago, get paid to click sites took the Internet by storm. Sites like Clixsense, DonkeyMails, InboxDollars and loads of other similar sites spread like wildfire and got a lot of members. Promises of online riches blinded a lot of people into joining. Anyway, it was free to join.

    Fast forward to this day and you'll see that these sites are no longer as popular as before. People realized that earning money with these sites was extremely slow and hard unless they had a TON of referrals.

    Paid to click sites still exist up to this day, and I must admit that I'm a member in a couple of them. However, I don't have a lot of referrals which is why my income from these sites are crawling up very very slowly.

    Could paid to click sites still be profitable up to this day? Did you get paid by any of them? How much is the highest amount that you have made from these sites?

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    You took the words out of my month by saying having a TON of referrals, but with Clixsense you can buy referrals from them, from people who has not signup as a referral.

    Paid to Click, all so known as PTC. The answer is yes if you market it correctly and get the word out in one big SEO campaign. You must also take in consideration you want to have something unique that other PTC sites don't have, this is one way to get a lot of interest.

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    Personally, I think paid to click (PTC) sites have peaked. Of course this is obvious, however, there's still an interest for them as a faucet for easy money online. In my opinion, a lot of PTC sites aren't worth the time nor energy. Despite this, you have a few that include a decent amount of ads to click. Minimum cashouts are low as well. Regarding the whole referral process. It's a strategy that can work but takes time. Considering how PTC sites are coming and going nowadays, it's not worth the time. I'd much rather focus on learning a freelance skill and applying for gigs on Fiverr, Truelancer, Freelancer, and others similar to them. Currently, I have two PTC websites I'm actively registered to. I haven't received payment yet, but the reviews are convincing and the amount of ads to click daily are worth giving it a shot. I'll be sure to review them once I get my first proof of payment.

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    Well in the pat it mostly spread like wild fire because there were a lot of scam sites. I don't see how they make money from $0.0003 a day.

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    Paid to click sites are just useless. 99% of them are fraud or fly by night operators. They lure you to Pay hundreds of dollars for reading emails and clicks the links but the reality are far contrary to it. Genuine PTC sites are paying so low that it will be ages to make a single penny from them. I really don't waste my time in to it.
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    They are just waste of time I think. They won't make you rich at all. You just see yourself doing 8 hours of work and earning less than $5 which is awful. They just tell you that you earn $10 per hour and something like this but you see that most of them are scams. There are just some paid to click websites which really pay so I offer you to check their payment proofs before registering.

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    Well, the golden age of PTC sites has passed, a long time ago they were quite famous and there were a lot of people clicking and referring other people, back then, there was some potential for earning money, but nowadays they are mostly scams and just pyramid schemes that are not really worth investing into IMO. Of course there might still be some legit sites, but I don't think that it's really worth your attention and time and you should just focus on other methods.

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    Some PTC are true but most of them you will need to upgrade your accounts in short, there's money involved. In order to earn more money, you need to upgrade your account which you will need to pay them. But I think, it is very hard now to get your RoI in that kind of money making online

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