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    Aug 2017
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    Are you looking for an SEO content writer?

    Am stoneman that's my forum ID I write articles related to SEO and have been appreciated by so many people on the type of topics I drop in the forum..

    I have not written any content for anybody but it will not be wrong for you to be my first client and also to experience by yourself how good I am in writing contents, you can also check my profile to verify by yourself the kind of posts i have dropped in this forum..

    So I will be glad to receive your offer,..

    On articles withing 200 words I offer that for $10 dollars, and Continues by multiplication to get other price tags

    But if you want a random article I also offer that am just hungry for this, want to prove myself ..

    You can email me @ [email protected] or you PM me thanks

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    Jun 2017
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    just a few questions, if I understand, you have never had any clients prior to this?

    Also, is it possible to receive an actual sample article of your work so I can judge how good you are as a writer? Please PM me the sample and maybe I'm interested.

    The price is a bit high though. You can find cheaper offers everywhere but we will see.

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