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How to get clients online?

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    How to get clients online?

    My husband started his water heater business last year. The business is doing good so far. However, he wants to promote it online to gather more clients.
    And also, he wants to find out the most effective Marketing Approach to attract and win clients online, and he will no longer go out to saturate places, and
    distributing flyer on the street.

    It's awful lot easier when clients contact you rather than desperately chasing them. So we both realized that online selling can be working to win clients day
    and night, when he is out working, sleeping, or just having fun. But the problem is, he does not know how to do this, or what strategies he's gonna use?

    Please give me some advice. Your opinion and comments would be appreciated.

    God bless everyone.

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    Going to just brainstorm this. So take it or leave it.

    He basically has two markets.

    1. People that need a new hot water heater or one repaired.
    2. People that need a bigger hot water heater.

    For the people that need a new one or an existing one repaired I would go for ranking on local search on the search engines.

    For the people that need a bigger hot water heater I would go with Facebook ad campaigns that aim to solve the problem of running out of hot water before you complete your shower etc.

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    I certainly agree with what Rob mentioned in his reply. It is very important to know who are your target people right before you create a traffic for this advertisement. For sure you don't want to answer thousands of emails and phone calls whose only sole purpose is to inquire and not sign up because you don't want to waste each other's time definitely.

    And if you really want to go online make sure to hire someone who is going to make your ad catchy and appealing, very easy to understand for common consumer what your business is to offer.

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    I agree I wouldn't recommend trying to use a personal profile on LinkedIn for a business. Personally, I've never been enamored of LinkedIn's offerings for businesses, but as a marketer, I've used LinkedIn to prospect and grow my business.

    All my marketing team is (mostly) active as individuals. I feel this is a great investment in their time, just like going to networking events.

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    Blogging is an amazing way to build relationships and become an expert consultant. My first blog post ever has gotten over 15,000 visitors. Start by blogging about topics that tie into your services, and will appeal to prospective clients. I have read some blogs about conversion optimization, which is filled with articles that help companies increase their conversion rates, and make more money. By posting quality content, it helps building an audience and generates new business.

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    There are plenty of ways to get clients online. We are now living in a digital world. Online marketing is the best way to promote your products or services. Below are the examples on how to get clients online:

    1. You can utilize your social media platforms. Post and promote your products for free. Your friends and followers can easily see the services or products that you are offering.
    2. Create a page for your business. It's another way to get online clients. It will look more professional to have a page for your business.
    3. You can also try to use paid advertisement in FB Ads to promote your products and get more clients online.
    4. Blogging can also help you promote your products and get more client.
    5. Creating a quality video of your products and services is another way to get clients online.

    These are just some of the ways to help you promote your business and get online clients. I hope this can help you get more clients for your business!

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    I 'm assuming your husband's hot water business is local. I would take a more direct route of marketing that targets the local populations like online yellow pages, search engine marketing, email marketing and Banner Advertising. I would also use blogging, by starting a blog and trying to make it locally/nationally popular. He also should not rule out ground advertising especially in hardware shops where customers are actually looking for hot water heaters. I'm not for the idea of online advertising considering the business. I think he would do better advertising it on the ground.

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    Target the people according to the business . If you have business of clothing in india then target the clients in india who is a seller and manufacturer of india

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    Have a fair offer and dependable information, and put it everywhere!Go to Facebook and reach out to other social media sites to advertise your business.

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