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BetAdvert - monetize your betting and football traffic!

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    BetAdvert - monetize your betting and football traffic!

    BetAdvert is an affiliate program of paid sport predictions service BetFAQ.com. We work with our partners according to Revenue Share, that is you will get 50% of every purchase, made by your client.

    A minimal sum of a sale on the website is $50 (1 premium prediction with a discount), a maximal one is $500 (a full access for a month), you can get from $25 to $250 from one sale. A usual earning of successful partners is from $3500 to $9000 a month.

    Our benefits:

    • Advanced stats

    We have a convenient and simple interface with detailed statistics and the ability to use subaccounts for more accurate tracking of traffic. Also we have POSTBACK - we'll add it to interface very soon (for now you can configure postback by writing to us on [email protected])

    • LTV

    Our client is active on average for 5 months, he makes four purchases for $350. Thus you can earn on average $175 with one active partner. About 60-70% of active clients convert from registrations to sales during the first month, 30% make the first purchase in the second month after the registration. Thus you can appreciate the traffic conversion in 1.5 – 2 months.

    • All GEO

    We accept the traffic from ALL AROUND THE WORLD. The highest conversion: UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Finland, Turkey, Greece, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Romania.

    • Payments

    We don’t have “hold” or minimums for payments, you can get your money within three days.

    We accept traffic from any source except:

    - Spam
    - Cash-back
    - Incent


    For now we have
    - 2 adapted landings: first & second
    - 2 versions of pre-roll: first & second
    - 7 .gif banners (search in the "Promo" section of your profile)


    • Doorways

    • YouTube (pre-rolls & integrations)

    • Facebook

    If you have any questions:

    [email protected]
    Skype: betfaq.ru

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    We have added the possibility of earning on referrals. Now, attracting partners by your referral link, you can receive 5% of their income. You can find your reflink and see the stats in the "Referrals" menu, banners for posting on your sites are located in the "Promo" subsection with the same name.

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    Thanks, I will try soon.

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