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    WordPress Blog Theme

    Dear All, I am new in web development and working on my blog. I tries different free themes and free page builders but i am still unable to create blog layout as per my requirement. I just want to know if it is possible to create desired and responsive blog with free theme or page builders of I have to purchase a theme?
    Thanks in Advance for your valuable guidance

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    Most of the themes provided for WordPress can be customized, but it takes time and effort. You did not mention what do the themes you chose lacks, so I cannot recommend anything, but usually, if you want to avoid paid themes, there are plenty of available plugins that add to the free theme new features. Just be careful with the plugins you choose, they can have security issues.

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    It depends on the theme will support page builder or not. Or you have to know how to customize a WP theme with codes by changing its layouts. All can find in its theme folder

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