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need big list of ad suppliers

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    need big list of ad suppliers

    Where can I find a long list of ad suppliers? I want to publish ads on my websites. I already compiled a list of about 200 suppliers, using various articles comparing suppliers, but over 90% apparently come under European Union (EU) law including GDPR (for example, Google AdSense does), which I can't afford, and most of the rest have minimum-traffic requirements, which I probably don't meet. The IAB list seems unavailable to the public. I expect to work my way through a lot of suppliers and their criteria. Any idea where I'd find a list like that?

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    The IAB list is available. I don't know if it wasn't publicly available before or if I somehow missed it but here's the URL: https://www.iab.com/general-members/

    I still wish there was something like a master list, regardless of who compiled it, especially one with information for selecting by various criteria. But I guess putting in the 50 hours or so to assemble and visit a few hundred names and evaluate them as I'm doing now is better than not finding ad suppliers. Maybe I'll post my list of URLs onto my computer website some day in the future.

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    need it too
    Somebody can help?

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