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Feb 20, 2019

Hello, fellow partners! 😎

📌 Did you know that 455 million websites choose WordPress as a reputable content management system? It means that 35% of the Internet is made with the help of WordPress.

Additionally, more than 61,8% of the market share belongs to WordPress, it’s more than all other CMS systems together.

For publishers: as for now, you can use the EVADAV 🔧plugin for WordPress.

📣 Follow the link to download the plugin ➡ https://wordpress.org/plugins/evadav/#description

🔍 The procedure of defining the core functionality of the plugin is the next:
🥉Install Evadav from the WordPress.org plugin directory or by uploading the Evadav plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins directory;
💡Employ straight into the page the source code;
🥈Activate the Evadav plugin from your WordPress settings dashboard;
🥇Follow the instructions on the Setup page, save, check results, earn with EVADAV!

Please note you may contact your manager or support at any time. We will be happy to make your journey with EVADAV superior.

🙌 Monetize your WordPress site in a few clicks 🤑 >>


Feb 20, 2019

😎Hello, fellow partners!
Are you already in the Christmas mood? The greatest holiday of the year is coming, and we prepared special offers from our partners and promo codes for you to get in the festive atmosphere. It's important to add seasonal offers to your strategy, as it expands the target audience and gives an opportunity to solve more users' problems.

⏳ 30$ bonus with promo 💚𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐛𝐨𝐧𝐮𝐬💚 for $200 deposit, available up to December 31, 2020.
💰 5% cashback is available, the only condition - spend from $6k on December 25-31. 2020.
📍 Promo code is one-time only.

🙌 GET BONUS $30 🤑 >>

May this Christmas season bring you joy, happiness, cheers, and endless profits!

🎅Adcombo ❤Offers
❋PS5 Xmas; 🤑Payout: $1,28-$2,55; 🌎Geo: FR, ES, GB, NL, IT, BE; ID: 30919-30927;
❋CONSUMERSCONNECT - Win a playstation 5 christmas; 🤑Payout: $1.28; 🌎Geo: PT; ID: 30911;
❋Albert Heijn - 500 EUR - Christmas; 🌎Geo: NL; 🤑Payout: $3.06; ID: 30818;
❋AbsoluteWinner - iPad Air or iPhone 12; 🌎Geo: CA, US, AU; 🤑Payout: $25,5; ID: 30897, 30898;
❋WellHello - xMass; 🌎Geo: CA, US, NZ, AU, UK; 🤑Payout: $2,98; ID: 30879;

🎅Alfaleads ❤Offers
❆Erodate.pl; 🤑Payout: €0,68; 🌎Geo: PL; ID: 5135;
❆Mydate.dating; 🤑Payout: €2; 🌎Geo: DE; ID: 4873;
❆22 bet casino/betting; 🤑Payout: $90; 🌎Geo: GR, PT, PL, CZ; ID: 4973;
❆JoyCasino; 🤑Payout: $60; 🌎Geo: RU; ID: 3641;
❆First Casino- CPA; 🤑Payout: $20; 🌎Geo: UA; ID: 5059;

🎅Mobidea ❤Offers
❇Win iPhone 12 PRO (Christmas); 🤑Payout: $14; 🌎Geo: US; ID: 25624;
❇Win iPhone 12 Christmas - SMS; 🤑Payout: $12,80; 🌎Geo: ES; ID: 25607;
❇Win a PlayStation 5 christmas - CPL SOI; 🤑Payout: $1,40; 🌎Geo: GB; ID: 25592;
❇Jelly Christmas Dating - Claro - 2Click; 🤑Payout: $1,19; 🌎Geo: PR; ID: 25690;
❇Christmas Games - Telcel - 1Click; 🤑Payout: $1,40; 🌎Geo: MX; ID: 25695;

🎅TopOffers ❤Offers
❈Benaughty SOI; 🤑Payout: $0,7; 🌎Geo: RU;
❈Asianmelodies SOI; 🤑Payout: $2,8/ $4/ $4,8; 🌎Geo: US/UK/CA/AU;
❈Loveaholics SOI; 🤑Payout: $2,5; 🌎Geo: ES;
❈Findedates SOI; 🤑Payout: $4,5; 🌎Geo: DE;
❈Lustylocals SOI; 🤑Payout: $6/ $5,5; 🌎Geo: AU.



Feb 20, 2019

𝗛𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆 𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗬𝗲𝗮𝗿, 𝗘𝘃𝗮𝗱𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀!🎄

2021 will be fantastic, fun, and full of new features and profitable ideas. Let’s remember this year as the year of opportunities, whilst benefit from them in 2021 🌟 Today we celebrate each Advertiser and Publisher, who launched campaigns and streams with Evadav in 2020!

We wish you to double your profits in 2021 when having even more successful launches 🤑

Stay healthy, be happy, ⬆𝗴𝗿𝗼𝘄 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗘𝘃𝗮𝗱𝗮𝘃.

🎊 Cheers to the New Year!



Feb 20, 2019

Top verticals, geo, and the most profitable offers of this winter season from Evadav

Nothing’s more important than growth and development. We know it, you know it, all successful companies and partners know it.
So it’s time to remind you of the most significant system updates we’ve issued on evadav.com in 2021, you, advertisers, should definitely be aware of and use them while setting up ad campaigns to get even higher conversions and results.

The most crucial updates:
1. We’ve enhanced the security and safety of personal data in our ad network due to the integration of two-factor Google authentication.
2. We’ve realized a new version of API 2.2 due to which you can set up recommended and maximum bids in two clicks.
3. Created and launched the referral program and loyalty systems for advertisers, so that you can earn even more, getting even more tools.
4. Added new payment methods: 40+ payment methods are available to you from any place in the world.
5. To avoid budget overrun we’ve created the option of daily limits on leads quantity.
6. Finalized the section of creatives’ stats for your ad campaigns optimization and better creatives’ scaling.
7. Updated the rules for black and white lists: now you can exclude separate sub-sources at a level of each zone.
8. And last but not least: launched Premium Push, In-page, Popunder traffic for even better conversion and results.

Plans for system upgrades in 2022 are huge, therefore growth and development with us are guaranteed!

The most effective verticals of winter 2022

What can be better than updates and enhancement of working tools? Only top geo and verticals – up-to-date and working best for you and your wallet.
And sure, the most profitable offers of the season are waiting for you in the Evadav ad network! Be ready to start the most fruitful campaigns of the winter 2022 season rich in holidays and big events.
Wake up and let’s go get cosmic profit, cause the traffic now is exactly what one needs.

What verticals are top now and what ad formats do they fit?

The volumes of popunder and in-page traffic in 2021 grew by 30% in the Evadav system. Moreover, we’ve recently released the option of Premium traffic, which gives even better results. Traffic CR has grown along with it.

As we can see, dating is leading and growing with each year in all formats, and no wonder. Losing other entertainment such as traveling, dining outside, and even e-commerce due to delivery issues made it easier for users to switch to social media. They have more spare time and they are ready to spend more money on online dating. Moreover, Valentine’s day is approaching – the day when a lot of people may feel the most vulnerable and lonely and they seek for a company to brighten up this period.

Sweepstakes traditionally work well with popunder and in-page traffic, however, there are few changes in preferable prizes among users. For instance, the iPhone lost its popularity while cash rewards and other products hit the top. We can also see that the best results are shown by context-relevant offers of lotteries during holidays.

Betting and gambling will even more actively show great results this season, because this February 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will take place. Huge amount of fans will be watching hockey, figure skating, biathlon and, sure thing, they’ll be making bets. Therefore these verticals are good at almost any format.

Crypto. Considering the current uncertain pandemic and lockdown situation cryptocurrency vertical joins the above mentioned list. We already observe this tendency and recommend testing crypto-offers.

According to current tendencies we can say that Utilities and Software will be holding their positions in push-traffic and native ads.

Create unique evadav creatives your audience won’t miss out on.

For instance, antivirus is especially in demand in Tier 1 countries. Users from these countries care about security and safety during the winter festive season the most. Norton AntiVirus utility will be to the point as it protects devices from viruses and hacks.

Also, we can observe the growth of audience interest in downloading apps, games, etc.

Devices start working slower or don’t work properly and the software as CleanMyMac and similar ones, which clean and fasten devices’, will be actual as never before.

Ecommerce shows itself especially great with in-page and native formats. 2021 became a new round of development for electronic commerce. Most of the sellers and customers transferred to online shopping due to coronavirus pandemic prolongation. As traffic volumes are growing new offers appear.

Based on the above mentioned data it’s worth using time-proven verticals for a good earning. However, we recommend not to miss out the opportunity of testing new verticals which are rapidly growing: Crypto, Cybersport and NFT. We’re sure the results won’t take long.

Geo to be considered this winter

It’s not obvious, which geo are fruitful and which ones are not. Thus we decided to shed light on this crucial part of settings.

Top Geo:

When it comes to push and popunder formats, you can definitely profit if you target Russia or Brazil – these countries show great growth since the pandemic started and placed top positions. Though advertisers amount continues to grow and it enhances the competition and rates accordingly.

Mexico and Columbia work well with in-page ads.

And the most popular geo working with all formats for dating vertical are USA and Tier 1 countries.

Winter lowers the efficiency of several geo: India and Indonesia in native and popunder, and German and Italy – in push. Test these zones properly before you launch your ad campaigns. But, unique offers in India can work with the lower payouts, it needs to be tested.

Don’t worry if your favorite zones don’t work as usual, they will recover the soonest. And at the moment you better test new offers, geo. It’s time to discover new working schemes.

What tools are better be used

Keep in mind, your favorite settings may not bring you desired results. Develop an alternative plan – new zones, you can test and launch new evadav campaigns on. And be ready to eat that frog if you want to get results.

Don’t forget great results shown by automated rules in 2021 – it’s a unique tool helping to grow the conversion and avoid budget waste.

And along with black/white lists and postback your campaigns can gain decent results.

Evadav recommendations:
1. The most popular cross-format verticals in 2022 are still Dating, Ecommerce, Gambling and Betting. Therefore use classic to get good profit.
2. New verticals such as Crypto, Cybersport and NFT will be expanding, therefore you better consider them and start testing them now.
3. We forecast popularity growth of in-page and popunder traffic (which we’re actively improving). Thus in 2022 you, our dear evadav advertisers, will have even more opportunity to work with quality and converting traffic at a lower price.

Stay tuned, test time-proven and new verticals, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone – it’s the place where new opportunities and rapid growth live.

Should you have any questions – we’re always ready to answer them and assist you 24/7.

Launch campaigns right now with Evadav!


Feb 20, 2019

How to create a great website and get profit with it

Evadav recommends: taking verticals from the guide, assembling a simple website based on CMS, adding it to the network, and monetizing traffic using popular formats – pop-under, in-page, push, native.

What’s next? Keep your pockets wide open and count profit!

In this article, we explained how to in 2022:
- choose vertical;
- decide on CMS and hosting;
- fill in pages with proper content;
- monetize traffic.

Read more

Stop waiting for miracles!

Let’s make real money together!


Feb 20, 2019

The flowers are blossoming, the whole nature is waking up - it’s Spring! And, of course, we’re celebrating Women’s Day - 8 March!

All devices are beeping from promo Push messages, e-commerce sites offer a number of In-Page and Native ads, as well as Popunder.

Dear women, the Evadav team congratulates you on the 8th of March and wishes you all the best: happiness, lots of love, and family warmth, today and always.

For this special occasion, Evadav give a promo code: 8march

Partners, top up your balance from $100 from March 8 to March 15 and get 8% bonus.

Use promocode


Feb 20, 2019

Hi, Evadavers!

In this article we'll describe what is important to know about a new feature in our advertisers' personal account - WinRate.

- What is WinRate?
- What is the relationship between WinRate and the auction?
- How is WinRate calculated?
- How to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with WinRate?
- How to use WinRate in combination with MicroBidding and Auto-rules?

What is a WinRate?
Win Rate is the percentage ratio of the number of impressions gained in an auction divided by the total number of impressions bid on.

WinRate is based on Bid and CTR.
- Bid - the higher it is, the more chances you have to win the auction.
- CTR - the higher the clickability of the creatives within an advertising campaign, the more likely your bid will win, and your ad will be shown on the publisher's site.

Important: For CPC model only!!!
For the CPM model, CTR is not counted.

In other words, WinRate is a parameter that indicates the competitiveness of the used bid, set of creatives, and targeting settings for the ad campaign / source.

How does the auction work?
It's based on a basic calculation formula: CTR * Bid = CPM.

Advertisers are competing for each impression on the platform. The system forms an auction. All advertising campaigns take part in this auction, which, according to their targeting settings, are able to bid for the ad impression.

The system chooses the ad campaign which has the highest CTR*Bid. This approach focuses on delivering relevant ad creatives to the most targeted audience at the publishers' sites.

WinRate Formula

WinRate in percent = (number of impressions won / number of auctions in which the campaign participated) x 100

For example, if a bid participates 1 million times and wins 500,000, this is calculated as:
(500,000 / 1,000,000) X 100 = 50% WinRate

- green indicator 70%+ - your advertising campaign is taking enough hits within the auction. Raising the bid and adjusting the sources, you can achieve even higher rates, for our part, we consider this level "good".
- yellow 50<69% - your ad campaign is in the middle of the auction. You can get more impressions by doing optimization.
- red 0<49% - an important signal for the analysis of the advertising campaign and raising the bid / change of creatives and/or targeting.
- n/a - the index is calculated for the period selected in the statistics. If you see this sign next to a campaign or a source in the statistics, this means that your company does not get enough data for the correct calculation of the WinRate. We recommend increasing the traffic buy for such a campaign in order to collect enough statistics for calculations.

Increasing your WinRate
A high WinRate in programmatic terms might indicate low competition for users at the source of traffic or an effective bid.
A low WinRate is always a signal that the bids for a specific campaign and/or source need to be increased and the creatives need to be checked according to their CTR.

Here are some ideas on how to increase the WinRate for your campaign.

-Grow up the bid for ad campaigns with low WinRates

-Buy more traffic in campaigns with creatives that have a high CTR, or duplicate them for other campaigns.

-Optimize the bid for sites with a high WinRate

-Use auto-rules to whitelist and blacklist sources to select the ones that give you the most conversions at a given cost.

-Use micro-bidding to optimize bids by source.

The Microbidding option allows you to unleash the full potential of WinRate's capabilities.

With Microbidding + WinRate, you can analyze and see the actual amount of redeemable traffic, and auction WinRates per campaign and change the rates for zones and sources separately. This will give you the maximum flexibility in buying traffic and make your ROI unattainable for your competitors.

*The micro-bidding option is only available to Gold-level users on our platform.

Let's see on the example of a test advertising campaign with low WinRate.

The microbidding + WinRate combination will be available for editing within the ad campaign itself:

Also, similar settings can be made directly in the statistics.
To do so, go to the general statistics tab, select an ad campaign from the general list and its traffic purchase model (CPC in this example) and indicate the country in the filter.

Now let’s proceed with the analysis. Consider the data in detail.

In the screenshot, we see the different indicators of the WinRate.
It is worth noting that those sources with a high WinRate in the green zone also have custom Bid significantly higher than the average. Such sources also have high-profit margins and ROI.

In line 2, we see the opposite situation. WinRate on this source is in the red zone, and despite a large amount of traffic and low cost per click, nevertheless, this source does not bring profit.

As part of an advertising strategy, the best choice would be to raise the bid for such a source. However, the creatives within this advertising campaign should not be replaced, as they are effective at the current stage, as you can see by the ROI for the other sources.

Bottom line:
We've taken an in-depth look at the WinRate metric, its importance, and its role when working with the Evadav platform. We wish our advertisers a successful test and look forward to your feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.



Feb 20, 2019

Hello, advertisers!

Spring is over, and a hot summer awaits us... And this means that it's high time to grab some hot bonuses from Evadav!
Launch and scale campaigns to get bonuses for balance replenishment

How do I get bonuses?
You will receive bonuses on your next replenishment when you upgrade your account to the next level of our system. All you have to do is:
- Create ad campaigns and scale the current ones in the second half of June (16.06.22 - 30.06.22)
- Optimize them with auto-rules, microbidding and winrate

What bonuses can I get?
Depending on each new level in the system that you have moved to during the period 06/16/22 - 06/30/22, you will be able to receive the following bonuses::
- Standard $0-$300 - entry level
- Bronze $301-$1000 - your bonus will be $30 on a deposit of $300 or more
- Silver $1001-$3000 - your bonus will be $100 on a deposit of $1000 and more
- Gold $3001-$8000 - Your bonus will be $300 on a deposit of $3000 and more
- Platinum $8001-$25000 - your bonus will be $800 on a deposit of $5000 or more
- Diamond $25001+ - your bonus will be $1000 on a deposit of $5000+

If you have already reached the Diamond level on our platform, we offer you to scale the spend by 50% compared to early June (01.06 - 15.06) to get a $1000 bonus on any next deposit from $5000.

The higher your level in the system, the more bonuses you can get! Increase your spend and get bonuses - https://bit.ly/3O8oWBQ

How do I request a bonus?
You will have 30 days to request a bonus from the moment your account is upgraded. Email your manager in personal messages requesting a bonus on your next deposit and use the funds to promote in Evadav.

How long will the promo last?
The promo will last from 16.06.22 till 30.06.22. Hurry up to move to the next level to get more bonuses!

In advance to pump your profits, we've collected top verticals and geos for the latest months.

- India
- Brazil
- Indonesia
- United States of America
- Philippines
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Vietnam
- Italy
- Germany
- Bangladesh
- Japan
- France
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

- dating
- site content
- gambling
- software
- extensions
- nutra
- sweepstakes
- services
- finance
- e-commerce
- crypto
- shopping
- smartlink
- utility
- betting

Launch campaigns with Evadav


Feb 20, 2019

Hi, Evadavers!

We are happy to announce that we have connected over 1,000 new popunder sites and they are already available to you!

Get the most out of your traffic with:

- Top CR - up to 1:4 using pre-landing;
- Filtered clicks - just right for your offer;
- Volumes - over 1 billion clicks currently available for redemption;
- Smart auction and auto-rules - let you take the best part, and not spend all your time setting up and optimizing.

Advice from the optimization team:
- Experiment with bids - smoothly increase them from the recommended to the maximum - so you select the most converting sites for your offer;
- test the Premium and Standard types of traffic in the A / B tests;
- advertisers from Gold level and above - use microbidding for spot work with bids;

Also, until the end of the month, we’re running an activity with bonuses for topping up- https://bit.ly/3zLJrAu

Want to know more? Read our blog - https://bit.ly/3xJSbV0

Check out our awesome blog articles about Popunder you may have missed:

Premium Popunder campaigns and Top 10 countries with recommended rates
Premium Popunder Traffic
5 Steps to a Successful Campaign with Popunder

If you have any questions, please contact your manager, who is ready to help you 24/7/365.



Feb 20, 2019

Paired with tons of impressions and conversions, click-through rate really matters when you launch your ad campaign. So let’s find out how to get more clicks and boost your CTR with Evadav.

TOP - 5 Tips to Increase the CTR of Your Ad

Set the Perfect Timing
What’s the best time to show your ads in order to increase your CTR? Holidays, of course! The profits received during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Cyber Monday tend to be the highest.
Take advantage of major holidays, sales events, phone model release dates, sporting events, and TV series finales.
Also, learn when your audience is the most active and set the days and time when the ads will be shown.


Schedule your campaign in Evadav profile.

Test the Frequency Capping for Your Audience
Everything new is greeted with great interest. However, when an ad is seen multiple times, it loses its impact - it becomes invisible. People may turn it off due to intrusiveness at worst.

Let’s consider the example of push ads. Imagine how weird and annoying the ad seems when you get four times a day that you won a BMW.

A reasonable ad limit is essential to preventing record-low CTRs. According to Evadav statistics, the best results show campaigns with 5 impressions per day. We suggest limiting the impressions of your ads to 5 impressions per day. 1 audience = 5 impressions per 24 hours.


Set capping, launch your campaign, and monitor the statistics with Evadav.

Get Bids Increased for Better CTR
Low bid makes the CTR low. Thus, the lower your bid is, the worse the sources you get.
You may have nice creatives, but if the bid is low, the chances of success are low as well.
The higher the bid, the more potential auctions your ad campaign will participate in. Thus, you increase the probability of working with the sites with the best clickability for your creatives.
In your Evadav profile, the average CPC and the recommended bid size are shown after you choose the country in the settings and press recommended or max bid. We constantly update this information so that you can launch your campaign with the most relevant bid for your audience.


Follow the bid size recommended in the campaign settings with Evadav and launch your campaign.

Choose the Right Creatives
As for creatives, we recommend launching at least 4-5 creatives to qualify the traffic source. Ad campaign tested with 1-2 creatives is bound to perform worse. Pay attention to the quality of the pictures you use. They should be comprehensible, trustworthy, and reflect what is written in the text. Noone will click on the ad with a dog under which the text will say: Win an iPhone 13 pro max now.
As well, the statistics show that illustrations with women attract users more than with men.
Test the creatives within your campaign. You can test up to 8 creatives in each ad campaign.

Add Imagination to Your Text
The text should be catchy and correspond to the illustration. It should deliver the message you want to send and include the CTA.
  • Also, it’s a nice idea to use Emojis to attract attention, but don’t overuse them.
  • Make your text personalized: “Using an iPhone?” / “Are you in Kyiv”?
  • Numbers in titles always work: “9 out of 10 people advice using the microwave XXX”

dd title up to 30 characters and description up to 45 in your Evadav profile while launching an ad and test it.

Choose Evadav and launch the most successful campaigns!


Feb 20, 2019

Hello, Evadavers!

Still afraid to drive traffic with Evadav on the Utilities vertical?
Or didn’t you know how to deal with it?

We want to share a successful case of one of our advertisers, who raised $2,446 in net profit in less than two weeks in this vertical.

What you will learn:
- how to drive Utilities traffic properly, without draining budget;
- how to choose offer, ad format, and geo;
- how and what pre-landers to create for more significant profit;
- which creatives convert best of all and why;
- the most common mistakes to avoid;
- life hacks and recommendations from the Evadav team.

Please read the complete case study in our blog

Run Utilities campaigns, test, analyze, optimize and earn with Evadav!


Feb 20, 2019

Hello, Evadavers!

We pay tribute to 2022 and recall all that we have achieved together with you!
Words won’t describe how big we’ve grown for you, but figures will.

In our New Year article we will show the final statistics and the most interesting facts of 2022:

- referral payouts, cashback and bonuses;
- new opportunities and tech solutions;
- top verticals, geo and websites;
- tools for sweeter profit ;
- changes in our team and much more.

The Evadav team stays in touch with you 24/7/365 and sticks to its course: quality traffic, high efficiency, more profit to partners!

Read the article in our blog

Don’t wait for the New Year.
Join Evadav right away


Feb 20, 2019

Hello, Advertisers!

Henry Ford said: “Anything can always be done better than it is being done.” And we share this idea. After all, making money is not limited to traffic monetization and advertising. There are still many additional profit sources when you can work less and earn so freaking good.

The Evadav referral program for publishers and advertisers is a striking example. It enables all partners to earn extra money.

If you are already one of our publishers or advertisers or will join our network, you need to read this article, which will surely motivate you.

Referral program: terms and conditions

Evadav partners can increase their income by bringing in new members, whether a publisher or an advertiser and get a reward for each.

If new publishers join Evadav via your referral link, you will receive a commission of 5% of their earnings.

If you bring a new advertiser to Evadav and he buys advertising worth $500 or more, you will receive $50 on your balance. By the way, all advertisers you bring will also receive $50 when they reach $500.

The algorithm is simple:
The more people follow your referral link, the more they get in return, and in the end, you make more money.

Our referral system works for a lifetime commission. After all, each referral partner has a chance to scale campaigns or platforms and increase revenue, so it is fair that partners who attract new ones are rewarded based on their success at all times.

Steps for getting referral bonuses

Each of you can become a member of the Evadav referral system: a currently working publisher or advertiser or someone who only planned to join us but has not done it yet.

If you have been with us for a long time and have already used this effective way to gain additional profit - you have the opportunity to pump this source even stronger so that it becomes truly a gold mine.

You need to go through several stages, and a clean profit is all yours.

Step 1

Sign up or log in to an existing account on our platform.

Step 2

Open the "Referral Program" section, find your referral link on this page, copy it, and share it with your candidates, thus inviting new partners.

New partners must follow your referral link for the algorithm to work correctly. You must clearly explain to the new partners that they must sign up by the link you provide.

Step 3

You will see your referral partners in real-time statistics as soon as they sign up in Evadav.

In addition, the system is so transparent that you can easily see the statistics of your referrals for the selected period.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of your partners. The key to a great result is their activity and success.

Start making money with Evadav right away!

Attracting referrals effectively: tips and life hacks

Getting a referral link is only the first step. You need to develop a strategy to attract and find the best way to convince other publishers and advertisers to sign up using your link.

Evadav tip:
Explore the needs of your potential partners - always put yourself in your audience’s shoes and emphasize the benefits of working with Evadav, which are not only your personal favorite but also will be of interest to others. Be honest; the more you tell about your experience with Evadav, the more likely your referral will be proactive and satisfied with a choice.

Ensure that the partners you are trying to attract have not yet registered with Evadav. Otherwise, the algorithm will not work, and you will waste your time.

What do you need to do to make the referral program become a powerful tool for you to earn money?

Top 5 recommendations from the Evadav team:

1 Create a working strategy to promote Evadav among acquaintances and in a professional niche.

2 Become a true brand ambassador whom people will trust:
- add your referral link to your traffic sources and banners;
work with social networks, tell about your successful experience - with Evadav, and share your referral link;
- go to forums and online groups. They are an excellent source of quality recommendations;
- write a case study with actual data; profitable statistics attract better than words.

3 Choose not only beginners in the industry, but also experienced players. Remember, you need active partners. It will increase the chances of getting significant commissions.

4 Create tutorials, checklists, and instructions. The better potential partners understand getting started with the new network, the higher the chance to attract new publishers and advertisers and interest them in work and profit.

5 Create groups and chat rooms with your referral partners; help them, and they will help you. If you create a like-minded society, your income from the referral program can equal the revenue from the primary source of profit.

Payouts: how, when, and how much

We pay a commission for each active partner. Our program works as follows:
- Initially, referral commissions go to the “Hold” balance. They are paid once a month and are equal to 5% of the earnings of attracted publishers and $50 for each attracted advertiser who has reached $500 spending;
- To withdraw your commission, transfer it to the publisher balance for the payout or advertiser one - to use it for offers promotion; it’s up to you;
- All referral commissions are paid in USD.

We hope that our tips will help you to attract new active partners and increase your earnings with Evadav.

If you have any questions, contact a personal manager, who will be happy to assist yo

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Apr 16, 2019
What bonuses do you currently have and what do you need to do to get them?


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Jun 29, 2019
Tell me evadav, what are the top formats now? I want to pour on the goods looking for traffic


Feb 20, 2019

Hello, Evadavers!

We want you to be one step ahead of the competition.

Therefore, we have created an exclusive forecast for advertisers and publishers from Evadav experts, in which we will tell you about the trends in 2023 in affiliate marketing.

In this digest, you will learn:
- the most promising traffic sources;
- potentially profitable geo;
- actual vertices;
- the best advertising formats for high 🚀CR and CTR;
- the most effective approaches🪄to making creatives;
- major 2023 trends and anti-trends in affiliate marketing.

If you want to feel confident in 2023, start testing current trends and follow the tips from Evadav experts today.

Read the digest

Launch advertising campaigns in 2023 with fire profit


Feb 20, 2019

Hello, Evadavers!

The winter magic does not end with the holidays. At least the Evadav team believes in it. So we decided to extend this fabulous season with another profitable promo for advertisers with bonuses up to $100 and cashback up to 5%. We are sure it will help you to maximize profit using February’s top geo and verticals.

Best geo at the moment:
- United States of America
- India
- Indonesia

Top results by the vertical:
- Dating
- Gambling
- Goods
- Nutrition
- Gaming

All you need to do to prolong the profit season and get maximum benefits is to participate in our promo. Are you ready?

So, what does it take to make magic happen?

Terms and Conditions:
- Top up the advertiser’s balance and get a guaranteed bonus.
- Create new advertising campaigns on the top geo of this month: US, IN, ID.
- Send a request to [email protected] with the subject: EVADAV FEBRUARY BONUS.
- Increase spending by 10% in the second half of February, 15.02-28.02 (compared to the first one, 01.02-14.02).
- Get your wow cashback up to 5%.

All Evadav advertisers can participate: both new accounts and those who have long been with us, but only with newly launched campaigns on selected geo.

Bonus system:

Each advertiser will receive a top-up bonus of:

The bonus is valid for one replenishment of each advertiser.

After adding and creating an advertising campaign, be sure to write to the support team so that your manager can give you a bonus and help with the targeting settings and all the necessary options for a successful campaign.

The bigger your advertising campaigns and spend, the more cashback you get:

Remember, you create the magic. And the Evadav team will support and help you to make it happen as often as possible.

Go for bonuses and cashback
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