Help needed with forecasting email campaign revenue, can anyone help?


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May 22, 2022

I'm really stuck. I'm trying to forecast an email marketing campaign and I've hit a wall. I know the following -
Email campaign size = 293,222
Open Rate = 49.63%
CTR = 12.23%
Average conversion rate = 2.25%
Average number of transactions = 471
Average revenue = £21,045
Average Transaction = £37

If I increase the campaign size by 500 customers to 293,722. With the same open rate I know the the number of customers that have opened the email = 145,526. Based on the above CTR I expect 35,861 customers to have click through the email and a conversion rate of 2.25% (6597 customers)

What I don't know is how much money I will make? As far as I'm aware the calculation would be 6610 * £37 = £244,569 - I know this is wrong as my current email revenue is £21045 - What am I doing wrong, can anyone help?

Many thanks Frank
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