An easy smartphone promotion offer for affiliate marketing


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Sep 26, 2014
An Easy Smartphone Promotion Offer for Affiliate Marketing

Opportunities to make money from smart phones as an affiliate marketer are numerous. Offers in email and zip submit, dating, music and ringtones, adult and pin submit are examples. This article hopes to enlighten on the series of actions leading to success in conversion depending on a particular offer. Here goes:

Understand the offer

Mobile Opt In Flow:

Conversion is attained on provision of a phone number. It is divided into Single Opt In Flow and Double Opt In Flow.

Single Opt In Flow:

Users simply enter their phone numbers for conversions to occur.

Double Opt In Flow:

The sequence here is that users enter their phone numbers getting a short message text that contains a Personal Identification Number. The conversion occurs when the user enters the PIN.

One Click Flow:

A user is attracted to and clicks on a banner advertisement which directs him/her onto the landing page. A conversion happens when the pixel fires.

Download and Installation:

A client downloads an application, installs it on the device, proceeds to open it and the conversion occurs.

Step by Step Process

First, pick a conversion flow category. Application download offers are the easiest and most profitable.

Second, join an affiliate network that has many app download offerings in its repertoire.

Third, go for an offer that does not have daily maximum installations numbers. Should it have daily caps, then the caps should be quite high.

Forth, Buy CPI traffic since you are paying for actual installations. Every install you pay for means a conversion for which you will get paid by your affiliate network. Join an affiliate network connecting you with advertising networks from where you will buy CPI adverts such as appfloor (com).

Finally, start making good money as an affiliate marketer.
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