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Marx Melencio

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Feb 7, 2015
NOTE: This was inspired by a thread here with the title "The Quickest And Easiest Way To Make Money Online in 2015 With No Website or Traffic?" -- My fellow mods, just feel free to delete this if you find it self-promotional. This is my story... :)

You either do it the quick and easy but non-sustainable way, or the long and difficult and sustainable yet fundamentally simple way...

One quick and easy method, which I don't recommend, is to enter in these online multi-level marketing programs where for example you leverage the 100% commissions from the first month of a monthly autoresponder subscription for each of your referrals, the residual commissions from each succeeding subscription month, and a free lifetime autoresponder subscription for you with at least 3 referrals. In this example:

You just pay the MLM operator the price for the first month of the autoresponder and $X per month for advertising costs to promote the sales page of this MLM program. Your affiliate URL is included in a rotation queue in this sales page. You gain 100% commissions from the first monthly payment of all sales generated by this sales page while your affiliate URL is displayed, a free lifetime autoresponder subscription with 3 sales, recurring residual commissions from the succeeding monthly payments of your referrals, and so on while you keep on paying the $X per month advertising fee...


Low Risk = Low Yield -- You end up just earning a few one to two-digit $$$ commissions from this, and scalability's an issue here, too...

Or, one long and difficult and sustainable yet fundamentally simple way is to create something that provides unique value to others. As I always say:

LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE — The world will gladly pay to watch you burn, to blaze new trails, to find new routes, and to reach for the stars...

Let me tell you my story...

In 2005, which was 2 years after I was gunned down and left completely blind (and which was also 9 years after my kid sister and I were abandoned by both our parents) -- I was 23 and started out...

• Without a website;
• Without a domain;
• Without a business email;
• Without an autoresponder;
• Without an office;
• Without fiscal resources; and

At that time, I was leveraging my existing non-fiscal resources like my softsell and hardsell street sales and street marketing experience, my self-learned content writing and copywriting skills, my self-learned ICT / Web development / software programming knowledge, my ability to learn anything in record time and around 16 hours per day of hard work...

Doing what? Well, I was working more than 16 hours per day (each day, no rest day) on many projects for various clients in microjob sites, which was relatively simpler and easier and better paying for me than the time I was 14 when I was working the streets selling equipment and consumable stuff that bordered the legal and illegal, just for us to survive...

Until I tried cold contacting prominent software corporations -- I managed to close in 2006 a 3-month paid trial subcontract with a prominent software corporation in Canada, in which this was renewed to a bigger, better and longer B2B consulting contract with an even cooler B2B service agreement for not only my services, but also for me to set up an entire company to house regular employees; and

So, in barely a year, our workforce at that time grew from 4 work at home moms and dads, including my wife and I, into a company with 140 employees with local and overseas contractors combined. Fast forward several months later, and I was closing B2B service contracts left and right, growing and expanding the reach and coverage of our company; and

Well, I ended up...

• Owning a 9-year old global ICT consulting company that operates a certified Microsoft Partner multi-lingual telesales and remote tech support call center, a multimedia advertising and content marketing department and a technology development department, all catering to corporate and SME clients that operate in Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese markets;

• Helping the carrier product of one of our corporate clients in Canada to be globally recognized as the world's best selling Windows optimization software in 2007, and their company to be locally recognized in 2008 as one of the top 5 fastest growing IT companies in Canada;

• Helping the website of another corporate client in Malta to be globally recognized as one of the top 20 technology websites in 2010;

• Being locally recognized by our national government as the 2008 Most Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Philippines and one of the top 25 emerging Filipino technopreneurs of the country last year;

• A founding board member of an NPO that was established in 2012 and aims to provide gainful employment and business oppurtunities to persons with disabilities around the world -- My co-founding board members are founder of Genashtim Innovative Learning in Singapore (also former Asia Pacific CO of Asea Brown Boveri, world's largest power engineering firm, who started out as an accounting officer), current KMart Australia CEO (also former CEO of McDonald's Australia and McDonald's China, who started out as a McDonald's crew member) and current MD of Lee Fung Group in Hong Kong (a publicly listed global logistics company); and

• Regular consulting work, speaking engagements, key panelist and membership invitations from local and overseas institutions in private and public sectors, such as the Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability of the United Nations, the World Bank, the Nippon Foundation of Japan, various chamber of commerce and business organizations in local regions and in SE Asia, the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, Resources for the Blind here in the Philippines, our national government's Department of Science and Technology, Department of Labor and Employment, Commission on Higher Education, Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Department of Social Welfare and Development and so on... :)

I don't think you could realistically get all those with a quick and easy MLM program or anything similar? :D

So, be a living proof of concept -- SUCCESS is NOT FINAL. FAILURE is NOT FATAL. It's the COURAGE TO CONTINUE that COUNTS. Make sir Winston Churchill proud... :)
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