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Share your expereince - Do you think affiliates ads are far better than google adsense

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    Share your expereince - Do you think affiliates ads are far better than google adsense

    One of my friend who was depending on adsense, but when he switch to affiliate program his earnings have increase by 3 times more. Share your experience.

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    I think this all depends on the type of niche you're in. For instance, if you're into loans, insurance, lawyers, mesothelioma etc. in those type of niches advertisers can pay up to $60 or more per click.

    In the lawsuit niche, advertisers can pay up to $98 per click. For college student loans, advertisers pay $70 per click. So what you're asking really depends on the niche. People fail in adsense simply because they go into a niche where people are paying pennies per click then expect to make a lot of money.

    The key is to choose a niche and keywords wisely. The point is, affiliate marketing is not better than adsense and vice versa. None is better than the other, you can still fail in affiliate marketing if you choose a niche where you'll get low commissions, for instance.

    Your friend did a good job by split testing to find out which one is working better for his website. That's what all marketers should do. So always test to see which one works best for you. If you want to use adsense then make sure that advertisers are paying a lot of cash per click in the niche you're targeting.

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    From my experience I find Adsense to be way more volatile than earning through affiliate programs. Even if you are 100% legit with Adsense you are still at their expense.

    With affiliate programs, each one is different and has their own quality guidelines but is definitely not as risky. You could loose 3K overnight for the lamest of reasons using Adsense.

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    While I have never used Adsense before, I have heard negative things about their ways. I know with affiliate marketing, you get a lot more flexibility with how you want your name to be marketed. You can choose guidelines for the ads, therefore, are a lot less risky than something like Adsense or BSA.

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    I gave up my Adsense account years ago.

    In all my tests it was the loser by a wide margin.

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    very intriguing, like that information indeed

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