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Dec 22, 2015
Facebook videos are as good as YouTube videos for getting your message across to people about your product or service. Now with with our unique Facebook Video Promotion service we will promote your video on hundreds of Facebook's Biggest Groups and Pages that are related to Your niche getting it viewed by REAL PEOPLE many thousands of times!

Forget buying Facebook video views alone ever again!

Those services aren't the most transparent about how they generate the actual views which can get your video flagged and removed!

Only in our one-of-a-kind service will you get real video views by using real and 100% safe Facebook marketing strategies.

Did you know?
Facebook’s Autoplay feature means videos are more eye-catching than a regular post.
Plus, Facebook videos seem to get more organic reach in the news feed.

How Does it Work?

You can use this on your own video that you've already uploaded to Facebook. We will promote that video on many Facebook video groups as well as groups that have many thousands of users.

Collectively all the groups we post to have over 50,000,000 fans/members.

We also then search for public Facebook Pages that are related to YOUR niche and post your video to them as well.

Plus the public Pages we post to will also possibly have many millions of fans/users.

These are real public Facebook Pages that are in YOUR niche/industry and some of these may also have many thousands or millions of fans/users who will see that video post show up in their timeline.

Example Campaign Case #1
John has uploaded a video to his Facebook page that's about making money online with email marketing. We share that post on over 100+ of Facebook's biggest groups which are in the Advertising/IM/MLM niche as well as to Pages related to making money online, email marketing etc. Several days after ordering the service, John ends up with thousands more views and shares and even comments on his video. John is very happy.
Example Campaign Case #2
Julie has uploaded a video to her Facebook Page showing a way to train young puppies to sit and lie down. We share her video to big Facebook Groups and Pages related to dogs and dog/puppy training etc. Julie starts getting hundreds to thousands of views, shares & comments and gains some new Page fans for her actual Facebook Page too.
Example Case #3
Mark doesn't have a video or his own Facebook Page but still wants to use the service. After finding out what Mark wants we make a video for him and upload it to many Pages related to his niche and then share those Page posts on other pages and groups getting them thousands of views and shares and of course, traffic to his site. Mark ends up with a couple new clients and is very happy with the service.

So I don't even need a video, you will create one for me?
Yes, if you don't have a video we can create you a high quality video for you of around 1 minute long with a real person talking about YOUR product.

Do I need to have my own Facebook page?
No we can upload it to one of our own many Pages we have in many niches or other public Pages too. But this service is meant for already uploaded/embedded Facebook videos.

What do I need to give you to get started?
Just your Facebook video post link. Unless you're ordering the service extra. We'll ask some more details from you then about what you want to provide you with a tailored service.

How long does it all take?
We will usually start working within 12-24 hours and complete all the posts within 2-3 days. By then you should be able to see a huge increase in views/shares etc on your video.

So how man views will I get?
Well it depends on how interesting your video or product is to people! This is why we post to public Pages in YOUR niche to maximize the results. However you will get a minimum of 1000 views because we keep posting and promoting those posts until you do. Though you may end up with double or treble that amount by the end of all our promotion and work we do.

Is the work guaranteed?
Yes! We are Social Media Marketing Specialists and we only provide high quality real and safe promotion you an depend and rely on. If we don't deliver at least 1000 views upon delivery we'll give you your money back.

How many Group and Page posts do we create?
We are members of over 100+ of some of Facebook's biggest groups. So you'll get over 100 group posts and on average about 10-20 Page posts. As many as we need to create to send you a minimum of 1000 new video views.

How many shares will my video get?
We're not working on shares but views. However they go hand in hand with views. Expect around 25% of viewers to share your video.

Is the service completely safe?
Yes it's 100% completely safe promotion of your video using only legit allowed methods of internal promotion. No 3rd party involvement. No spam. No rules broken.

What videos are allowed and not?
We only work with family friendly stuff. No pron/wares/illegal stuff please. We like to keep the network a nice one to use.

Do you provide a work report?
Yes upon completing our work we'll send you a full work report attachment with all the Facebook Group and Posts we created. You'll have something to show for your money!

Can this be used with YouTube videos?
This service is for Facebook videos only. We have a similar [URLnf="http://goo.gl/lRBhpR"]all in one YouTube video promotion service[/URLnf] please check that one out if you have a YouTube video.

For the service extra what kind of video do we create?
We will create you a high quality professional breaking news format video with a real person announcing some breaking news about your product. You can use up to 50 words spoken outloud for you and use up to 2 images which will be featured on a big TV screen in the background behind the reporter.

Reasons to Buy This Service

This is a 2 fold service with 2 benefits. First you get increased views on your Facebook video which increases its popularity on Facebook (people are more like to watch videos with many views as it shows they're worth watching). Secondly you get real permanent internal backlinks (social signals) created on that video from all the group+page posts also thusly improving its overall SEO score and rank even more. This will help your video to rank higher in Search Engines and on Facebook too.

Purchase now and you'll also be able to instantly download our free Viral Facebook Video Marketing Guide eBook. Learn how to create killer video ads and Facebook video marketing tips. See the latest Facebook facts in infographic format and learn more about Facebook videos and how to improve your ROI. Find out the best time to post videos, what people like and all that stuff to help you dominate it with Facebook videos! Instant download link provided in the Order Details page upon purchase.

So what do you actually get in this service?

  • Promotion of your Facebook video on 150+ of Facebook's Biggest Groups.
  • Sharing of your Facebook video on 25-50 Pages related to Your niche.
  • 1-3000+ new views watchers for your Facebook video.
  • Many new shares and likes, comments etc.
  • Viral Facebook Video Marketing Guide.
Purchase this service now and get your video boosted virally!

Price: $15
With video creation: $24

To order send me a PM for my PayPal email.
Or you may use our PayPal vanity URL: [URLnf="http://paypal.me/thanksmuch"]paypal.me/thanksmuch[/URLnf]
Then please send me your video URL/message.

PS. Available for just $9 if you purchase through SEOClerks [URLnf="http://goo.gl/HJmF5L"]here[/URLnf].
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