What is your opinion on coaching/consulting?


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Mar 1, 2015
Hello webmasters and internet marketers!
I'm looking for your opinions/ideas or advice on IM Coaching in the internet marketing niche.
How much would you pay someone for a coaching or consulting session? and what type of services would you prefer (hourly, weekly, a package or monthly rate)?
And if have some experiences with this, what were the rates you found its the most effective?


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Dec 21, 2015
Are you looking to be a coach, or hire a coach. I am just curious as
your post makes it appear as if you are looking to BE a coach...

In any case, many factors come in to play when coaching is involved.
What will you be teaching, how will you be teaching, how much do you
really know about the topic, how often will you be available to your
client, HOW will you be available (online only, offline and online, email
only, skype only, etc...) Do you have any RTG material of will you be
winging it for each client... the list goes on an on.

Pricing... again, this all depends on many factors, however...

I have had some people pay me for my coaching (or consulting as I
prefer to call it) at $75 per hour and I have had some who have paid
me as much as $10k for direct access to me for a certain amount of
time and then I have had some clients who have paid me as little as
$15 per hour (usually because I knew they couldn't afford anything
more or because I knew they were in a tough spot at the time and
just needed a little nudging and prodding in the right direction.

And as far as hourly, weekly, etc... again, I hate to keep repeating
myself, but that all depends on several factors as well. How would
YOU prefer to set it up and what works best for your client.

If you're thinking about becoming a coach, I would strongly advise
you to do some FREE (or low cost, entry level, pricing) or at the very
list, arrange some sort of legal agreement that you only get paid IF
you're able to actually help your client reach whatever goals and
results are being promised as a result of your coaching sessions.

This will give you an opportunity to build up some case studies
which will greatly assist you in demanding top dollar for your
services. When pricing, you want to consider what you think
your time is worth as well as what type of value you are giving
to the client. You also need to take into consideration any possible
expenses which may be incurred (will they be the responsibility
of your client or will your pricing be an "all inclusive" deal.

Also, you will need to think about "course material" or "homework"
as you will definitely want to have some sort of way to track any
progress being made. Keeping track of "Homework" or "course material"
results, will also help you fine tune your course for new, future
clients as well.

There is so much more info I could provide you, but, there's not enough
space in this forum, LOL. Seriously tho, if you have any other specific
questions, please feel free to post again and let us know.
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