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Dec 21, 2015
A few years ago, if you had asked me what a Swipe File was,
I would have probably looked at you and asked "what kind of
drugs are you taking (and can I have some)?", LOL.

I had never heard of swipe files let alone used them...

Or so I thought...

Wikipedia defines a Swipe File as:

... a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales
letters. Keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice
used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a
ready reference of ideas for projects. Copywriters are not the
only ones who can benefit from having a swipe file...

Apparently, I HAD been using swipe files, but without realizing
it. I had copies of successful sales pages ALL OVER my hard
drives, excel files FULL of successful and catchy headlines
and sticky notes full of URLs I wanted to revisit when I would
need ideas for future sales copy or headlines or whatever...

THOSE, are swipe files... and they were ALL OVER MY DESK
and ALL OVER my hard drives...

Now, if you're anything like me, you've realized the real power
of having your own collection of swipe files, BUT, you probably
also realize how difficult it can be to maintain an ever-growing
list of swipe files... Notepad files, sticky notes, excel spread
sheets or even actual had written files scattered all throughout
your physical work area.

Welcome Swipe Locker... a brand new revolutionary Windows
based software application which will help you keep your clutter
at bay... (was "revolutionary" too much? yea, i thought so too,
lol, but I had to throw it in there anyway...)

Seriously though...

Swipe Locker will enable you to turn your chaos into "organized
chaos" by allowing you to store your swipe files within one easy
to use software application along with notes about the swipe file,
the date your added your swipe file, the location of the original
swipe file (for those who like to "swipe" ideas from other sites)
and much much more, including a copy of the actual swipe file
(if you have it).

Swipe Locker is currently available FREE of charge. All I ask is
that you register your copy so that I can keep you up to date on
any updates and new releases, especially since Swipe Locker is in
it's infancy -- I have literally JUST released it.

So, to view more information about Swipe Locker, what it can do for
you and to download your FREE copy, click here to visit the squeeze

Now, even though I am offering this software FREE of charge, I will
still provide support for it, just as if you had paid $1,000,000 for it.

Go ahead and visit the link above and grab your copy now. I look forward
to any comments, questions and/or suggestions (especially suggestions)
that you may have about the software.

AND, even though I am releasing it today, it is FAR from finished. I have
already got a list of ideas and features to be added to the software very
soon, so please remember... this is just the beginning.

Be sure to post back and let me know what you think, however, if you
have any support related questions, please be sure to use the support
links found at the link above or from directly within the software once
you have it installed and running.

Thanks guys (and gals). Looking forward to your feedback.


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Jan 24, 2016
This is awesome and very convenient.


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Dec 21, 2015
Thank you Epic, hope you're enjoying it.

For those who have downloaded the software, please re-visit the download
link you received and download an updated version. Thanks to some of the
amazing feedback I have already received, I have just added a few new,
very useful, fields which will surely help in keeping things organized for you.

Since the software is brand new, I may end up releasing an update once or
twice a week, for now, however, in the future, updates will be released once
every 2 - 3 months so as not to bombard you.

Also, I have not yet turned this feature on, but a future release will include
an update notification message directly within the software so you'll always
know when an update is available without waiting for me to inform you.

Thanks to all who have downloaded so far. Keep the great suggestions and
feedback coming guys...

To view more information about Swipe Locker, what it can do for you and
to download a FREE copy, click here to visit the download page NOW!

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