Do you write your own content or do you buy it?


Oct 12, 2015
I like to write my own content most of the time but lately I have been really busy and I am wondering if I should hire someone that would help me with content or should I just continue to write it myself?

If I want to buy content then where would be some good places to start and how to choose good writers? sometimes there are people out there that are just looking to make a quick money hence they can give you spun content and you could not find out duplicated content with any plagiarism tools.

What are your ideas?



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Dec 21, 2015
Several possible avenues to research would be:

1. PLR Sources
Now a days, PLR articles and content are a dime a dozen. Because it is so
popular, you definitely do NOT want to use it straight out of the box, how-
ever, PLR is a great STARTING point and will save you time in that it gives
you the basis of your content which you can then simply modify to fit your
exact needs.

2. is a "marketplace" site which hosts thousands of "sellers" and
"service providers" who sell stuff (including their time and skills) for just
$5.00. When using the method, I would definitely "shop around" the site
to find someone who is suitable with your exact needs/demands. If this
method doesn't work out for you, you've lost all of $5... cheap way to
learn a lesson.

3. Freelancers
Another method is to use sites like,, etc. where
you will have just as wide a selection as you would from, however,
these guys are usually a bit more pricey -- some VERY worth every penny

4. Warrior Forum
Another good place to look would be the Warriors For Hire section over at
the Warrior Forum. Most of these guys USED to be second to none, but now
a days, there's a lot more grifters lurking there as well, however, as with any
thing, you will have to use due diligence and do your homework to find some
one who is trustworthy and knowledgeable in your particular niche.

5. Guest Posters
If you're looking for content for your blog, you could also consider looking for
guest posters. Guest posters are a dime a dozen now a days as well and they
are even better because they usually have proven track records and they are
willing to work simply for a link back to their site.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of places to find people to write
content for you. Those that I have listed above are just a FEW places that've
popped into my head.


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Dec 22, 2015
Some excellent sources of content there! If that's just off the top of your head Dev I'd love to pick your brains a bit more! :smart:
Do you write your own content or do you buy it?
Short answer. Yes, both.

Long answer. It depends what I need it for, how much I need and for how long. Also have to think that sometimes, when you're optimizing on-page SEO, only you can really know about the type of words to use, how to use them, long-tails etc and the content that you want it to have for your readers. You can tell your writers what to write about of course, but it's only really high quality writers that will independently research and provide high quality content but that can be quite costly overtime, where as the cheaper guys usually only provide something pretty general and basic. Although this can be good too because you can always add more into them when you're posting them to your site.

SEOClerks is a good place to get good quality content from for a reasonable price. They don't sell by name on there like some bigger content providers and freelance sites do so you don't have to pay exorbitant prices. There's a few eggs on there but also some good guys too, just filter by top rated in their Article Writing category, they have PLR articles too. It's a good source.

Also eBay is another good place to check out for article writing and content creation. There are some really good writers on eBay and you can about guarantee it will be a native English speaker/writer too. I've used eBay before for content creation, definitely would recommend people to have a look there as well for it.


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Feb 14, 2016
Hi rainmaker11,
I also do both.

Generally for products I create I would write myself, or add to some good PLR.

It depends on what you know about a subject too of course.

One thing you can do is to test a few people by asking them to write an introduction, or the first chapter of an eBook for instance.

It really is testing the waters until you find someone with the skill, and competence to get things done in a reasonable time.

You'll know if you get spun content - believe me. But you can check what they send you on Copyscape too if you want.

I have had some quality stuff done, that has taken longer than expected, and I have had some horrible stuff done, that also took too much time. Longer than I was told anyway.

Just expect that it may need some patience, and do what you need to.

cheers, Mal.
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