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Do you ever look at the search results to see which directories retained old links for you?

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    Do you ever look at the search results to see which directories retained old links for you?

    I have a few domains dating back to 2007 or so, and some of those directories are STILl around with their links STILL indexed, even though I sold the websites a long time ago and the people who purchased them no longer use them anymore. That is a pretty good indicator of directories to resubmit to, right? Or am I mistaken...I mean, for Google to still pull those directories up after 10 years in their search results must mean Google has a decent TR I would think.....

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    That's very interesting, but I guess they don't spend much time un-indexing sites. I would be curious to know what directories you used to use

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    I used to use DigiXmas assisted directory submitting software. Every evening that and a bottle of whiskey made boring work of directory submissions into a blur. I will show you the exact website and a search query to go with it, this was my Pagerank 6 photography blog I sold to a travel agency a looong time ago. I started dorking around building it in 2005-2006. Type this query in Google:
    okinawa www.johninjapan.com
    then use Google Search Tools and isolate the date range and you will see as far back as 2006 Google still has links indexed. I have a couple of domains that old, I wonder if I might be able to pop a few old links, I should still have a few logins. Anyone who says directory submissions are a waste of time really has no clue, if you get into long-lasting directories they are.

    My link for Fourseek was submitted in 2007 and is still there, HAHAHAHA. That is worth the $9 submission fee, I might resubmit my Denver Donate site.

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    Never bothered, if the link is worthy would show in SEMRush when I do a search on my backlinks

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