Adding and Sharing Your Website Content to Other Places for Traffic and Backlinks


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Dec 22, 2015
Sometimes it tickles me pink when webmasters who are looking for content and safe white hat backlinks don't realize they're sitting on a mine of it right under their nose!

If you have a lot of good content on your site. You can put that content to good use in more ways than just being on your site.

Let's say you make an amazing site and add 100+ amazing blog posts over the course of about 3 months or something.

Each blog post has a minimum of 1000 words all with many great unique high quality images and photos.

You want more people to know about that content, read it and follow the links in it.

And you also need some good quality dofollow backlinks to your site from good sources.

You can create articles and PDF files from your own websites blog posts.

And share/upload them to the best dofollow article sites and top document sharing sites.

You can even go one step further and turn your websites blog posts into videos.

Now you can have 100+ videos all linking to different pages (products/services/etc) on your site.

And you have 100+ articles to add to the top do follow article sites and 100+ PDF for the document sharing sites.

Obviously don't be stupid and upload them all in one day! Take it slowly and gradually do it. 1 a day, miss a day, be random but be consistent.

And you know, use different but similar titles, use different summaries and conclusions and bios where possible etc etc.

It's a simple and effective method I and many other webmasters have been using for years and it's never done me any harm or ever let me down.

It hasn't always worked the same and had the same effect every time for every site, but interesting results none the less.

What you have to realize is that great content gets naturally shared / copied / pasted onto other sites in time.

In time, your content (if its that great) is going to end up on different sites (probably) its just the nature of the Internet.

However, Google will always rank your original content first over the same content found else where.

And Google knows that people do this and want to share their content in other places like blogs, forums, article sites, document sites etc etc etc.

And these sites that you can use should all be Google friendly, high authority sites and sites that provide a dofollow link to your site.

So if you're struggling for how to get backlinks and traffic to your site, and you have a great site with lots of content.

For Petes' sake, put that content to good use! Good things can become of it and for some sites, might be the kick it needs to boost its RP.

I know some of you here already do this with your content and probably similar things too.

There are some good general rules of thumb to follow when going about it. Most of its common sense.

If you would like me to go into more detail about something specific let me know and I will.

Is this something you already do and can you offer any of your own content sharing tips?

Or perhaps you are against doing this and think that your content should remain on your site only and that you should use unique content for things like article backlinks, pdf doc share backlinks etc.

I know that article site backlinks aren't really as powerful as they used to be, I guess that might even be more the case if you're not using unique content.

But there are still a few quality article sites out there that have a lot of traffic and big user base and can send you traffic for many years to come. The same for doc sites.

But if you're of that disposition then feel free to share your opinions on why.

Thanks and good luck!


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Feb 26, 2016
Good tip Hawker...

One thing to expand on it, there's plenty of web 2.0s you can build out with just a summary of your article/blog post and then can link to the full version if you're worried about any negative effects.

Slideshare is another way to repurpose your content.

I've stayed away from the traditional article submission sites. Any recommendations on some that haven't been hammered to death? I also tend to forget about doc sharing platforms.


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Dec 22, 2015
Yes MrT. You're exactly right. That's one method of repurposing content without using all of it too. If you're doing this, its always good practice to include additional unique content along with that content whether it just be a summary, a conclusion. Just something else on that page with it rather than just the exact copy of your article full length or not. But like you say you can get creative and use sections of your articles broken up and used in different places. And Web 2.0 sites can help if done right as they rank high on their own but Web 2's need a lot of internal links to make them really powerful. It's not just about its backlinks, although that helps, together it does the job and it can still be done today fairly easily if you're determined and devoted to it. That's for another post.

Yeah Slideshare and sites like Slideshare. Scribd, AuthorStream, SlideBoom, SlideRocket, Empressr, Issuu, Calameo, Yudu, Zoho, just to name about the most of the best doc share sites. Best thing to do is create a list of them in your browser bookmarks then you wont need to remember them. ;)


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Dec 22, 2015
On article publishing sites.

Some of the old ones are still okay. Plus they have a lot of users still. A lot of webmasters looking for content for their sites so by using them you don't just get links from them which is one thing, but your articles get posted to other webmasters blogs provided they keep all your links in them. This is what article sites were made for originally but unfortunately, because of the juice they used to provide your sites and the traffic they could bring, they did indeed start getting heavily spammed and then after all the Google updates some of them took a whack in the SERPS but a lot has changed since then and now they have more authority than before and are creeping back probably just due to the age of them and all the cleanups done, manual review submissions by eager owners etc.

So what you're asking then is what is a safe article site to submit your articles to and what aren't?

I guess at the end of the day, it comes down to how much you know about SEO and how to know. And if you know about what check steps there are to take to know if an article publishing site is a good and valuable site worth submitting to. First thing to consider is that some of them might not even let you submit your own content if its already on your site. If it does that's one thing, (for repurposing) but that's what it comes down to is how to know if it's a site you should or should not submit to and if you do or don't want the links to your site from that site.

There are only a number of reasons that immediately come to mind as to why you might not want to submit to an article publishing site.

  • The site does not allow submission of non-unique content (repurposed).
  • The site is known for hosting bad links/spam and publishing any old crap.
  • The site is not heavily moderated and updated in a long time.
  • The site has been deindexed from Google search results.
  • The site has been hacked/defaced.
However, some of these rules have exceptions, example, even if a site has been hacked/defaced, it doesn't mean its been Google penalized and doesn't mean you or your PC or sites you link to in your articles will become hacked/defaced either. Only you can make that call but I probably wouldn't submit my site to any site that's been hacked! Although most good article publishing sites don't get hacked as much as those cookie cutter ones do/used to.

Also just because a site hasn't updated in a long time doesn't mean they might not soon or in the future and it could have a lot of users/visitors/traffic/ even if a site has been deindexed (penalized) by Google, it doesn't mean that submitting an article to it will get your site penalized too. Maybe that article site has a lot of webmasters looking for the content you're posting and maybe they have a big user base so you still get some traffic from those articles too. Some can rank for many years sending you many visitors and new backlinks for years.

There are probably a few more reasons why you wouldn't want to use any one particular of the top 10 Internet article publishing sites too. And those reasons don't necessarily have anything to do with the sites themselves but rather the whole theory and practice of article marketing as an SEO method. A lot of people will say that article directories don't have any value to them any more and that using them can get your site penalized by Google. But this is just ignorant bad advice.

You don't get penalized for submitting an article to an article site. Even if it is repurposed. Provided you're not submitting 1000 articles a day to 1000 article sites a day! But going slowly and naturally only doing as many as is natural for you to do yourself then that would be fine. Provided its not the only SEO you do. Too much of one thing and not enough of another is never a natural sign in terms of SEO.

Article marketing is powerful beast that has a lot of power behind it. Just because they don't have the same amount of authority as they used to doesn't mean they aren't still authority sites and if they don't fall under any of the above reasons then they are and still can be valuable and worthwhile tools to fully take advantage of as an Internet Marketer.

Some reasons to use the best Article Marketing sites for Article Marketing

  • They have a lot of users looking for content to use on their own blog/site.
  • They have a lot of visitors looking for content to read either on the site or through a reader or other sites feed.
  • They can send you a lot of traffic to your site and can last for many many years.
  • They can build new backlinks on their own as more webmasters post them to their sites in time.
  • They can help you build brand awareness and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • There is no limit to how many articles you can write and publish on them.
  • They don't nofollow your links and site has really good PR/PA/DA/Alexa etc stats.
  • It can provide traffic that converts for many years to come.
And some more worthwhile reasons I've missed out as well that I'm sure you can think of.

So what are the safest, best article publishing and content distribution sites to submit to? Some off the top of my head would be EA, Hubpages, SeekingAlpha, ArticleBase, SelfGrowth, eHow, Examiner, Buzzle, Techno, Zimbio, Github, Storify, IGN, Evernote, Quora, Wattpad. Not all of them accept dupe content too. Also Some of these are Web 2.0 now. That's the thing though, it's not just article marketing sites you can use to repurpose content these days, there's more places like content marketing blogs, blog directories, forum blogs, social media sites and different CMS's out there today than there was 5 years ago when all the updates kicked all the sites in the gonads.

There's a lot more places where you can repurpose your content today than there ever was before and using them, using them properly, can indeed have advantages for SEO and also end to lucrative gains but not necessarily and not always the same way for everyone every time in the same amount of time. But it is and can be interesting and tempting to play around with the power it can have none the less.
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