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Dec 22, 2015
FrankScrub.com - Coffee Body Scrub Business Extremely Popular!

You may have seen the new health and beauty product that is coffee scrub on the news? It was recently on Dragons Den as well and was backed by one of the dragons and is now a multimillion pound/dollar industry that is getting bigger and bigger!

It's an Australian born product that is taking the world by storm. Frank Body have since gone on to make over $20,000,000 dollars worth of turnover in their first 2 years! It's the first of it's kind!

While you might not have heard of "coffee scrub" before. It's a trend that is getting bigger and bigger as more people become aware of its healthy benefits. Just look at the trends for it!

As you can clearly see this is a product that is getting bigger and bigger as more people around the world learn about it.

Just look at the recently sold coffee scrubs on eBay. They sell like hotcakes! Sure it's a dirty product, but that's half the fun and the appeal you know?

#Letsbefrank Coffee contains caffeine which can not only wake you up on the inside in the morning. But it can also wake you up on the outside too. The caffeine targets and reduces signs of cellulite, stretch marks and scars and heals skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne etc.

So frankscrub.com is a website that sells the popular Frank Body coffee scrub. This site is fully set up to take payments automatically. It's a full e-commerce turn key business site.

Currently whenever there is a sale, I'm simply buying it on the Frankbody.com website and sending directly to the buyer.

However I recently purchased some coffee body scrub pouches from them and am just sending to buyers myself.

You can either send directly to buyer (order from frankbody.com using buyers address details) or buy some in advance and send to the buyer. Up to you!

The site runs on WordPress and uses WooCommerce cart so customers can easily check out and check on the progress of their orders. The site also has a premium modern responsive theme.

A full admin panel lets you control every aspect of the site. Add new posts/pages, view customers orders/details etc. There are many theme options you can change but everything is already setup.

Currently it's just selling the Frank Body coffee scrub for the same price as they sell it, except we charge a little extra for shipping as well. You can sell it at any price you want.

Some countries incur an additional shipping charge depending on the country and how many items they are ordering. You can change these settings easily in the Shipping settings page.

This same Frank Body coffee scrub sells on eBay for £20 and it flies off the shelf!

This is an excellent opportunity to make money with this site as it is, or promote/advertise it a little and make even more.

Of course, you can leave the site as it is, and continue selling the Frank Body coffee scrub. Or you can sell other brands coffee scrub as well. Or you can sell your own version of it.

All the content on the site is unique and written for this site only. All the products pages have unique content about the actual products and there are a bunch of blog posts on related things to Frank Body which is all unique also and helps the site rank.

If you're looking to get setup in the coffee scrub business then this site is perfect for you to get a head start over your competitors who would love to have this domain!

Also if you're already such a person that is in the coffee scrub business and you have your own brand of it. You can use this site to sell that on as well or just expand your portfolio of sites.

It has a very catchy and easy to remember domain name that has personality! So I've been told by people.

The site also comes with many established social accounts as well.


The Instagram is crazy! Every time I post an image to it it gets loads of comments and likes. The twitter has had quite a bit of work done on it engaging with people and getting some retweets and that. And the Pinterest account gets a lot of activity and is a member of some really big boards that I paid for. When you post a pin to them it can get repinned a lot and send a lot of hits.

And there are several other social media sites and accounts. All of which has real fans/followers.

And all of them will be handed over to you so you can use them in which ever way you see fit!

The domain is hosted with NameCheap so easy push to you.

All site files and login details will be handed over.

All you'll need is web hosting.

This is an excellent domain name/website. It's had a lot of praises by people. It has a lot of potential too. It's the perfect way to start your own successful and thriving coffee scrub business!

The site has had several sales. There was a big one recently for 10 coffee scrubs in just one order which came to around £135.

Some countries have an additional shipping charge and you can set this in the Woo Commerce Shipping settings page. I've set it to include +2% for every additional item added to cart for International Shipping but you can change this to whatever you want.

I've done a little bit of SEO on the site but only some social bookmarking and some videos made and some PDF's submitted to doc share sites.

site:frankscrub.com shows 175 results indexed in Google.
"frankscrub.com" -site:frankscrub.com shows
2,860 results so the site is well indexed and established.

But no major SEO has been done on the site. Mainly because I don't know much about SEO!

The rankings are quite good and have recently improved quite a lot. It's now ranking high for "Frank Scrub" and "Frank coffee scrub" as well as other keywords and things.

I've included screenshots of ranking tracking.

Also included is screenshots of traffic and earnings.

I am looking for a genuine buyer with a business head on.

Someone that knows a little about this industry.

Or just someone that wants to get started in it and looking for a turnkey website that they can make a profit with!

If you have any questions about the site don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

Also if you want Analytics access or to see any more details just drop me a message on here.

I'm starting bidding at just £100 so get your bid in early!

Ask me on here if you want to know my reserve price or have any questions about anything or want to make me an offer.

Franks for looking!

Screenshots of Analytics overview

Screenshot of Geo Activity

Screenshot of latest sources

Screenshot of Queries

Screenshot of Analytics Channels

Screenshot of latest rankings

Recent customer orders screenshot

By the way I will give you full support with the site. From transferring to your host, setting it up on your host and tips and tricks to running the site at anytime so you wont be alone! Don't be shy and let me know if you have any questions!



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Sep 20, 2016
what is the asking price on this one?


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Nov 25, 2015
You missed the line that states that.

He wrote a little past midway of the page: "I'm starting bidding at just £100 so get your bid in early!"

So it looks like £100 would get it since nobody else has shown interest.
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