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What is the difference between Reverse DNS and PTR Record?

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    What is the difference between Reverse DNS and PTR Record?

    Sometimes I get confused between using Reverse DNS and PTR Record? can any one tell me what is the difference between Reverse DNS and PTR Record?

    where to set them and a real example if possible. Thanks

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    These are different ways where you point your ip to domain
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    You can think of the PTR record as an opposite of the A record. While the A record points a domain name to an IP address, the PTR record resolves the IP address to a domain/hostname. PTR records are used for the reverse DNS (Domain Name System) lookup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vishwa View Post
    You can think of the PTR record as an opposite of the A record. While the A record points a domain name to an IP address, the PTR record resolves the IP address to a domain/hostname. PTR records are used for the reverse DNS (Domain Name System) lookup.
    Spot on Vishwa!

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    PTR records are used for the reverse DNS lookup.Using the IP address can get the associated domain name.

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    Reverse DNS (rDNS) turns an IP address into a hostname -- for example, it might turn into host.mydomain.com. The PTR record is a DNS server record entry that allows rDNS. The PTR record is the answer to a Reverse DNS (rDNS) query. In the familiar forward DNS query, the A record is the answer.

    Some will tell you:

    Forward: hostname is mapped to your IP address, e.g., host.mydomain.com --->
    Reverse: IP address is mapped to your hostname, e.g., --> host.mydomain.com

    However, this is not usually the case -- especially in the web hosting world. In reality, forward DNS for "host.mydomain.com" pointing to IP address "", does not necessarily mean that rDNS for IP "" also points to "host.mydomain.com." A special PTR-record type is used to store reverse DNS entries. The name of the PTR-record is the IP address with the segments reversed + ".in-addr.arpa". For example the reverse DNS entry for IP would be stored as a PTR-record for "".

    To make things more confusing, the PTR record is not stored on the same DNS server as the A record. For example, you will see the A record for your domain in cPanel DNS. However, you would not put a PTR record there. The PTR will be entered on the IP address owner's DNS server. This may not even be your web host -- its usually the upstream provider or ISP that owns the IP address. If you need to set up a PTR record for your domain you will need to submit a ticket to your host.

    In the web hosting world, there is only one reason to have a PTR record. Many e-mail servers on the Internet are configured to reject incoming e-mails from any IP address which does not have reverse DNS. So if you send mail to another mail server a reverse DNS must exist for the IP address that your outgoing e-mail is sent from. It does not matter what the reverse DNS record for your IP address points to as long as it is there (e-mail servers checking for reverse DNS do recognize that it is normal to host many domains on a single IP address and it would be impossible to list all those domains in reverse DNS for the IP).

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