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Why Are You An Affiliate?

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    Why Are You An Affiliate?

    Did you think it was going to be easier to sell someone else's products?

    I ask because I sell affiliate services that compliment a vertical I'm already in. But what I've noticed is that traffic + salesmanship are the most important factors once you've settled on a quality product.

    If you have good sales ability then isn't it possible to select an affiliate distributor that isn't one already? There is always a demand for good salesmen offline, and I imagine it's not different online.

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    I didn't want to keep an inventory of products. Its such a streamlined business promoting other peoples products. I literally only need my laptop to run a full time income producing business.

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    its just because I dont have a merchant account and if I did, I would have to worry about too many factors like shipping and chargebacks.

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    Less overhead. I don't have to create a product, get a license to sell it,
    provide shipping, customer support, or pay monthly fees to promote it.
    My job is to simply drive traffic to my affiliate products and earn a

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    I personally think selling other people's products is a lot easier than selling your product.
    You do not have to have a product to make a profit, the way you promote it is basically the same, you have to find channels to promote it, but most of the products before the launch are widely promoted. That's it and your job is just persuading others to buy. You do not need customer care, no shipping, no worries.

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    I got into affiliate marketing because I got tired of writing articles for CPC based Micro niche website. And the earning has started rising due to me focusing on the affiliate products. Most of the time you just have to write or produce content once and then recurring revenue will continue to happen. You can also make some decent money without having to leave your house. All you need to focus on is the traffic.

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    I am an affiliate for many great reasons.

    - You don't have to create your own product.
    - You don't have to worry about optimizing the product and keeping it up to date.
    - You don't have to worry about the shipping (if it's a physical product).
    - Forget taking care of support and technical difficulties.
    - The top companies give you the training, resources, and tools you need to succeed - all which usually takes months, maybe even years, to learn, prepare, and build for yourself.
    - The branding strategy is already done and established.
    - Some give very high income potential and let you start for free
    - Very low risk on your side - apart from those that charge over-priced offers.
    - It's simply a great way to get started fast and make money in just weeks when you know how to get traffic - That's the only missing piece you have to focus on. Traffic generation.

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