Best ways to send email to your list?

Ken Graham

New member
Sep 6, 2016
Ok, so I am having a list of past customers that have bought stuff off me before. Basically they are a database and I can export them into a list. What I need to do is figure out how to email to them all. I would like to put them into an email marketing service which allows me to send emails to my list a valid way. Do you guys share me what ways do you usually use to send newsletters or offers to your list?


Rob Whisonant

May 24, 2016
Personally I use Sendy and Amazon SES. You can import the list you have easily.

One thing I do when I collect emails is to also record their IP address. This helps if you are questioned about how your list was built.

Ron Killian

New member
Dec 3, 2015
Course the big question is, how old are these emails? You said "past" customers. If you've never emailed them before and/or it's been a long time since they heard from you, they could be quite unresponsive. It doesn't take long for people to forget you, or that they did business with you, and many of them might click the spam button.

Plus if you have never emailed them, or rarely, many of the emails might not even make it into their inboxs.

I've never imported, so I am no help there. Though I think most places are going to be like Rob hinted at, they will probably want to know how the email addresses were obtained. But what do I know :)

If you do decide to mail them, at least the first couple emails should be low key, no selling, no promotion, just about building or rebuilding the relationship. If the first email is selling they are probably going to unsubscribe. Well you probably already know that.

That happened to me yesterday. Received an email from a marketer who I had not received any emails from for a long time. I kind of remember getting on their list, but it's like first time I've heard from you in a very long time and you want me to buy through your affiliate link? geez. Gotta at least buy me dinner first. :) Needless to say, ubsubscribe.

Actually I think that email was in the spam/junk folder, most likely because they don't email enough.
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Aug 17, 2016
Hi Ken,

Rob & Ron have definitely mentioned a lot of good points that you need to take into consideration.

The reality is that you're probably going to lose a good chuck of those email addresses if you
try to import them into one of the standard autoresponder services.

They are very protective of their service when it comes to doing that.

If you are using a WordPress site for your business, you may want to consider using
a paid email marketing plugin called Mailit.

By doing so, you're in complete control of your email addresses and can send as many emails
as you want without being charged any additional fees.

There is a drawback of using this type of solution though. You really have to make sure
that you maintain a healthy email list and don't get reported for spam a lot.

Because if you do, you risk the chance of getting your domain blacklisted...

And if that happens, you can kiss your deliverability rate goodbye.

But if you don't want to assume that risk, just go with a autoresponder provider and understand
that you may lose some of those customers in the import stage.

Rob mentioned Sendy so you could look into that solution as well.

I actually use two different services. One is called Drip and the other is Sendgrid.

Sendgrid is integrated with my ClickFunnels account and Drip is primarily for my
LeadsFlow Pro & Thrive Leads integration.

When your customer bought your product, did they agree to receive emails from you?

Also, when was the last time you were in contact with them?
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