Would you be interested in using this plugin?


New member
Jan 5, 2017
Hi to all!

We made a plugin for outbound links from the site. Even when users follow outbound links they still stay on your domain. So the time users spend on your domain rises. You can choose wich links work that way and wich work as usual. Another feature of our plugin is that users get warned if there is malware or bad content on the site they are visiting following the outbound links from your site.

Would you be interested in using this plugin on your sites?

Ron Killian

New member
Dec 3, 2015
Probably depends on how it works. Iframe? Some other method? Sounds like it might take away from the outbound sites? Can't remember the last site i saw do that.

And I doubt if any one would want to promote the site using it, in any manner. I wouldn't.

Also, wonder who or what determines if an outbound site has malware or bad content? Could be false positives that hurt outbound sites for no good reason.

Honestly I can't see much of a use for it. Sounds kind of shady.

Could something similar be done just using target="_new"?

Sorry, just my opinion.
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