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[ Done For You] Building store + Drop shipping + Marketing All in one

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    Lightbulb [ Done For You] Building store + Drop shipping + Marketing All in one

    The Best Money Making Business In 2017

    Dear Friends,

    By now, you probably heard many successful stories about how people with NO business experience suddenly own a 6-7 figures e-com business.
    Some of you also give it a try and soon enough, you can't make a single sale after months of hard working and finally you giving up.

    My name Trinh for Trinhmedia, and in the past few years, i worked as an independent marketer for many company, some are 7 figures e-com business. Today, i want to put everything i know together and help you build a complete online business that will able for you to take care of your family in the next few years.

    I want to help you build a profitable e-com business, help grow your business and overall make as much money as possible.

    So here's a list of what will you received in my service?
    • One complete store (with Shopify) + drop shipping setup (with aliexpress)
    • Find the best selling and most profitable products then add to your store (20+ products/store)
    • One month support
    • Find targeted audience on Facebook for you to advertise
    • Helping with marketing
    • Give away 99 T-shirt designs worth over $300
    • Help you get your first sale
    • 30 days money back guarantee
    • and many more ....

    Let talk a little bit about why you should take this offer?

    First: You've been here probably not the first time so do you believe the price i offer compare to the benefit you received worth for you to give it a try?

    Second: you received 30 days money back guarantee so if this is not woking for you, you lost nothing and learn many new things.

    Third: currently i'm still working for many e-com businesses and getting them result, so i'm not just all talk.

    Unlike others like to keep this information private, before you purchase, you should know how i will help you get traffic. There are two MAIN way to drive traffic to your store.

    1. Product advertising : i will share with you a SIMPLE but SUPER POWERFUL formula that my clients are using and making over $100k/year for just one product.

    2. Viral traffic: i trained with one of the best viral traffic master on the planet who own multiple viral websites and generate over Billion views and hundreds of millions visitors per site. i will help you get traffic using similar formulas.

    The minimum investment requirement is $5/day for FB ads. No experiences with FB ads? i'll help you.

    This is not a program things as most people offer in this marketplace. this is one on one building business together. You won't received a PDF file with bunch of words, you won't received training videos step by step but when you follow, things just got wrong all over the places. But you will received a complete business setup ONLY for you and me helping you growing your business, help pick the right product to promote. pick the right contents to share and get viral ....

    So, give me a chance to help you success and also give yourself a chance.
    This offer will only limit to a certain numbers of people therefore don't hesitate for too long or the next time you come back, this offer is no longer available for you.

    NOTE: Service closed
    Last edited by Trinhmedia; 02-24-2017 at 03:58 PM. Reason: update

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    Sent you a pm, please advise

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    pm reply.
    sorry man, i'm a little busy at the moment so i closed the service.

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    ok noted. let me know if you reopened again, i would like to try out your service.

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