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What is or was your sticking point from making money online?

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    Question What is or was your sticking point from making money online?

    When you first started making money online or attempting too... What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome before you actually started making good money?

    If you are just starting out, what is the biggest problem you are currently facing?

    If you have overcome any problem posted by others in this thread, please jump in and tell the group how you overcame that problem.

    This could make a very educational discussion.

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    The biggest difficulty for me was in realizing that I needed to make something that others wanted, not just something that I thought was cool

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    For me it was just the time. When it comes to earning online, it doesn't come easy and most of the time it doesn't come fast either. You have to be willing to invest a lot of your own time (unpaid) into making things work for you.

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    For me, getting and audience, and catching emails, as my business relies on email marketing.

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    I lack experience, I pretty much website development SEO capabilities but limited again, more free tools to check the often very expensive @ @

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    I haven't started making good money yet myself but that's the goal that I am striving for. My biggest problem is just taking in and understanding all aspects of making money online. I never thought that there was just so much that you had to know about and learn in order to make decent money online.

    I think that this is one of the biggest myths that people new to making money online seem to think. Most everyone that I have talked to or seen talk about it online thinks that making money online is easy and that it takes no real effort and NOTHING can be farther from the truth.

    You need to read, research and ask questions to learn the things that you need to be successful in this area.

    One big problem that I have found is that there is so much bad or outdated information around the internet that it can sometime seem hard to get the right information that is accurate. That's why I have been asking things here. Sure, some things might seem elementary to many people but to those of use who are new or lack the proper knowledge in this area they are appropriate questions to learn something.

    I think that just getting the information that I need and that is accurate has been trying at times. Everyone wants to make the most of their online money making time so spending it looking for good accurate information for sometimes hours just cuts into the money making efforts.

    One day I am hoping that I will know at least most of what I need to make the most of my time spent trying to make money at which point I can be more giving back to those that are seeking what I have and continue to seek knowledge of.

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    My biggest obstacle has been trying to comprehend all the information that I have been looking at and trying to understand it all. Much of the information that someone new to making money online will come across is just not spelled out in beginner terms.

    Sometimes it's just hard to know exactly what something means so you spend more time looking around to find the meaning of something that you just saw or read.

    Maybe there are good information resources out there for us newer people but I just don't seem to be able to find it most of the time.

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