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What important factors do I need to consider before outsourcing?

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    What important factors do I need to consider before outsourcing?

    Hi everyone!! I need some reviews over project outsourcing.

    What important factors do I need to consider before outsourcing??

    Thanks in advance

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    I've been outsourcing most of my projects until recently.
    Based on my experience you should'nt try to save a few bucks going with the cheapest bidder ( if your doing it on freelance, Upwork etc), will get you more headaches in the end.

    Check the reviews of people that you plan on outsourcing to. Make sure they are'nt doing only small projects, look for the negative feedbacks ( many are actually outsourcing the received projects lol , You don't want that). Check their Portofolio, have a chat with them etc.
    And if your doing it via freelancing platforms, don't release the funds( create the milestones and leave them there) until your project is finished you got exactly what you agreed upon.
    Once the freelancers are receiving their $, their interest in your project will drop considerately.
    Good luck,
    ps: without the wall of text:
    1. Reviews
    2. Quality of Work
    3. Price
    Doing it like that will end up cheaper in the long run. ( rather than going with the price as you main factor)

    One more: Make your project requirements very very clear. Using steps, photos, videos if possible. This will get you better and more accurate bids.

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    I consider three things in general when outsourcing.

    1. Quality
    2. Staff that is easy to negotiate with
    3. Price

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    Quote Originally Posted by sehrish View Post
    Hi everyone!! I need some reviews over project outsourcing.

    What important factors do I need to consider before outsourcing??

    Thanks in advance
    Internally, we ask ourselves few questions.

    ●What is the amount of load and necessity to accomplish the task in a short time? Am I demanding too much on myself or demand is client controlled and cannot be negotiated?
    ●Am I the only person who can do the task? Is there somebody in the immediate environment who can help?
    ●Do I have the budget to outsource it?

    Once you have firmly decided to outsource, you have to make research on reputable companies who can provide you reliable freelancers. There are many outsourcing companies available. Searching for the right candidate is not an easy process as you go through many applicants. Normally these people bid for the lowest price to get the project. Be mindful that lesser fee may not give you the quality of work you need.

    Ultimately, it pays to interview the applicant. The initial interaction helps you gauge compatibility in terms of work beliefs/practices and to check if you can relate to each other. You really have to be feel that applicant is the right partner for you. Regular communication needs to be done to check on the progress. Errors or misunderstandings are fixed and clarified early enough to ensure a successful output.

    Lastly, never provide payment in advance. Pay only once correct output is done. If project is on a long-term basis, negotiate to pay on a staggered basis paying only based on accomplished tasks done. Payment terms and conditions should be clearly understood and agreed by the candidate.

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    There are many factors, everyone needs to consider before putsourcing, like -
    1. It's pricing
    2. Time management
    3. Quality
    4. communication
    5. Reliability
    6. Flexibility

    and many more.

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    If you want to outsource your project please be mindful of the following qualification:

    1. Quality
    2. Reliable
    3. Specific.
    4. Communicate clearly.

    Never mind the pricing it should be based the output on how to pay to them.

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    What are the most important things to consider before outsourcing?

    I am not an expert about this but since I am researching about this right now, I think you need to check your budget first. You need to ask yourself this question... Do I have the budget in order for me to outsource people? If yes, how many people can I pay? How long does my budget last for a project or a long term job?
    Second, you need to have the basic tools / gadgets / Business machines in order for you to communicate with the people you want to interact with for example you need a good internet connection, a laptop / desktop for the Business or a mobile phone too.
    Third, You need to gather all information about interviewing applicants and you need to have time in order for you to select the right candidate for your Business.
    Lastly is up to you, you need to be good with Time Management, Organizing things like your calendar, you need to have TIME for outsourcing and sometimes it can be stressful so you need to be very Determined and patient if you want to outsource.
    Good luck!

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    My opinion is that:

    1.Your requirements should be attainable and the price that you pay should corresponds with the effort exerted.
    2. There should be a clear communication between you and the applicants during the interview. You should have a good command in English in case English is not your first language.
    3. The load of the job should also corresponds with the length of time to finish it. If you find it hard, deadline should be considered too.

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