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Commission Gorilla - Create Promo Pages for CPA/Affiliate Offers - Free Hosting - Lifetime access

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    Commission Gorilla - Create Promo Pages for CPA/Affiliate Offers - Free Hosting - Lifetime access

    Hi Guys

    I came across this awesome offer and I want to share it with you all.

    Super affiliates everywhere are going crazy for this new software system. They're running scared. That's because they realized the playing field just got leveled between them and everyone else. And now you too can play on their turf.

    Let me explain:

    Who gets all the big commissions for every product launch?

    That's right, it's the super affiliates in your niche.

    And why do they scoop up all the big money?

    Simple: because they are the first to hear about every product launch. That means they get an unfair advantage and a huge head start. By the time you get your promotion pages ready, the super affiliates have already been pocketing commissions for at least 24 hours.

    Until now!

    Because starting today, you'll have a secret weapon on your side, and it's called Commission Gorilla.

    Commission Gorilla is a software that makes it point and click easy to create awesome promotion pages you've ever seen. And it does it all incredibly fast. What used to take hours or even a day to create now takes just minutes.

    You can use this app to quickly and easily create all sorts of high-converting pages, including:

    * Promotion pages for affiliate offers.
    * Landing pages for your own offers.
    * Offer pages for your offline business.

    And these pages are completely customizable with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can drag and drop in bonus products, images, videos, call to action buttons and so much more. Plus the built-in stats let you keep track of your best performing pages!

    You'll never find an easier or faster system to create & deliver amazing promotion pages, so check it out now:


    Then claim your Commission Gorilla account today, and watch the super affiliates in your niche run scared!

    P.S. If you move fast, you can get this before the next price jump. Get yours now BY CLICKING HERE

    Lifetime access is only $27. This includes FREE hosting of pages & LIFETIME ACCESS. No Monthly Fees.

    I do not promote what I have not tried myself. I have bought Commission Gorilla and can vouch for it. Any questions? Post here or PM me.

    To begin making money online you need the tools to help you. Commission Gorilla is one such tool.

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    Price will be going up. Get it while you still can

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    I am using Wordpress blog. Can I integrate this affiliate program into my blog site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc van Leeuwen View Post
    I am using Wordpress blog. Can I integrate this affiliate program into my blog site?
    You can integrate the pages into your WordPress site.

    Tutorial: http://docs.monkeywebapps.com/article/57-integrating-wordpress-with-commission-gorilla

    As for promoting CG, you do not need to buy in order to promote it. You can sign up to jvzoo and then request to promote it.

    But the software is awesome for it's price. I am not saying this because I am promoting it too - I have spent a lot of money on poor software/ebooks/courses etc - so I would never recommend something that is not valuable.

    With this software you can create sale pages and add your own PayPal button. Or put a affiliate link to a cpa offer.

    With the basic package, you can create 20 pages. This includes free hosting. There are extra features as upgrades.

    It is a very useful tool. And at this price, it is well worth it.

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