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What you can learn from a no-good down & dirty con-man

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    What you can learn from a no-good down & dirty con-man

    Frank Abagnale is a con-man who impersonated an airline pilot, a physician and a lawyer.

    He also claims that he impersonated a Sociology Professor at Brigham Young University, without any of the students realising he knew nothing about the subject he was teaching.

    So how did he do it?

    He said: "it wasn't difficult, read one chapter ahead of my students. They never knew the difference."

    I'm not suggesting you copy Frank Abagnale, but he's demonstrated something important here - when it comes to creating content for our audiences.

    We don't need to have formal training, or an education in the thing we're teaching.

    We just need to know how to get our audience to where they want to go.

    I even think it's more beneficial to your audience if you've recently solved one of the problem they're facing, because it's still fresh in your memory and you clearly remember how it felt, so you're able to create a connection easier.

    It's ok to have gaps in your knowledge. The important thing is to share your experiences, and tell your audience how to overcome the same obstacles you overcame.

    Just thought I'd share this because until a few days ago I didn't know who Frank Abagnale was.

    But I intent to watch a movie about him called Catch me if you can.

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    Great point Mick and that was a killer movie too man. It reminds me of coaching a little bit. People always want to pay for the best mentor that they can afford. They pull out their credit cards and spend thousands on a 7 figure coach. Often times they walk away with little to no results. Either they fail to take action or they stall towards the middle.

    What I found was that people generally need a mentor or coach who is just a few steps ahead of them. It's like if oyu make no money online currently you really need the guy who is making like 20 bucks a day. Learn how to do what he does. Master that and then go find the guy who is making 100 bucks a day...and so on.

    There's levels to this game. People think they can go from level 0 to level 60 dragon slayer over night. It doesn't work that way.

    Another great example of someone teaching something they were not an expert at doing themselves is Bill Belichick. Probably considered one of the if not THE greatest NFL football coach in the history of the game. He's never played a down of NFL football though.

    ANyways great post man.


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    A1 post Mick M. I saw that movie 5 times and it was one of the best biographical movies I've seen. The potrayal and chemistry of dii Caprio and Hanks was awesome.

    All of what you said is true, mostly i write based on experiences and learned knowledge but in some cases everyone need to adapt.

    What's important to me is helping other people
    solve their problems. And knowing that Ive help others completes my day.

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    The movie "Catch me if you can" is very entertaining and a great movie I will guarantee anyone will love it.
    These days the net is full of them mostly bad at it. Bumped an old thread but it isn't as if the page was moving fast.

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