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Please Review My New Forum

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    Please Review My New Forum

    Hello Friends,

    I am recently able to launch my brand new forum imforum.pw and want you all to have a look into this. I am looking for ideas, suggestions and tips to make my forum more user friendly. You can also send me the tips on how I can grow my forum. Your help is highly needed.
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    Very generic forum, looks like it is straight from a template.

    You may want to customize your forums to better suit the audience that you are trying to capture.

    There are so many marketing Forums that if you expect to capture substantial traffic and capture key individuals to assist with your forums and questions you will need to development something much more unique.
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    Just another forum with the same information will only get you the same posters as the other sites, at best. How many forums in this niche do you think people need?

    It is better to focus on solving some problems for IMers and building around that.

    Think micro-niche and focus your building efforts effectively!
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    It's a nice looking site for me but you can add more designs in the blank spaces that can attract users. You can also add pictures that are related on topics but keep it clean, don't add large pictures, just a normal size.
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    It is a pretty simple site, very easy to navigate and yes, it is user friendly. I like how you laid out all the possible Forum categories with its sub forums on the homepage. For me, using dropdown menus is sometimes annoying and time consuming, so its a good thing you arranged them all neatly. The color preferences were good as it is pleasing to the eyes.

    On the other hand, background can be improved, I think it would be nicer if you add a very light shade of blue, I guess. The text are obviously small, so make it a little bigger to add emphasis. I think you should omit the word There in Hello There, for me it doesn't sound great. You should also free up some space in the left side, I think it will be for ads, so you need to compress Forums, Threads, Posts and Last Posts because they seem to be spacious.

    As a whole, it is good, but can be way better.

    Any way, this are just my opinion, you may choose to ignore them. Congrats on your site and good luck.
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