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Do most instagram celebrities get famous by purchasing their initial batch of followers?

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    Do most instagram celebrities get famous by purchasing their initial batch of followers?

    I see a lot of medicore instagram accounts with little engagement but thousands of followers who eventually grow larger and larger. But I also see really amazing instagram accounts with great content but with only a thousand followers that never grows. Could it be that in the first case, buying around 10k worth of followers gave the instagram account more credibility and fame, which made real accounts follow them? Is it easier to get famous and make money of instagram if you buy an initial 10k worth of followers?

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    Perfect question. Of course, celebrities do buy Instagram followers initially. Because having the good number of followers is the sign of trust and credibility so that others can easily follow them. Now, engagement is another thing, purchasing followers don't help in increasing engagement, but his/her post, photos, videos matters. They have to be regular and creative. So that they will be able to get more real followers.

    So, only buying followers will not work, but the combination of purchasing followers and real followers will 100% work.
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    I like your answer.

    People often fall for that celebrity profiles only gets real followers.
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