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How many visitors can shared hosting handle?

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    How many visitors can shared hosting handle?

    I have just bought a hosting plan for my website, it is a shared hosting but I don't see they mention how many visitors my shared hosting will handle? How to check this?
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    It depends on your site usage. How much your site is consuming the server resources. If your website consumer too much server resources than you have to upgrade your hosting account. In terms of traffic, A shared hosting can handle up to 25k visitors per month.
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    There is a reason why when ordering a shared-hosting package, there is no mention of website visitor limits. This is because how many visits your website can take mostly depends on the website's programming code and it's optimization. Of course the set PHP limit also should be taken into account. This is why HTML based site may receive many thousands more of visitors than a PHP based site or webpage.

    There should be no issue to have several thousands of visitors a day at a shared-hosting plan. If you want to have more visitors, you should consider having a separate server for your website, where limits can be set individually for your website much higher.

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    A shared hosting can handle 10,000 users per day, if you get it from decent provider. As others mentioned main thing the scripts you are using, if you are using simple and static website then traffic is no big issue. Once you start getting many users upgrade to vps.

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    We've been able to handle upto 3k users per day with shared hosting. However, it depends on your server config and your website code. We were able to handle 2k/day while using Apache + Nginx. But when we switched to Nginx + Gunicorn it went upto 3k/day. Also, as others mentioned, it depend on the type of content your server serves (static or dynamic) and the kind of scripts on your site.

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    Totally ignore all numbers that say XXXXX per day. It has no bearing on how many visitors a website account can handle. Traffic is not steady. It usually comes in bursts. The better question is how many simultaneous users can a website handle?

    A site that could handle 100,000 visitors spread out evenly over the day could choke on 200 simultaneous visitors. Let's go even further.

    Say you have a static HTML site with minimal graphics that can handle 150 simultaneous visitors. Now you convert it to use Wordpress. Now that same site can only handle 25 simultaneous users. Just a hypothetical example of course.

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    It really depends on the plan itself. There are web hosting plans that are suitable for about 10 000 visits monthly, and there are plans which are suitable for up to 100,000 visits monthly. I think, the best way to check how many people your plan can handle is to directly ask the support team of your host. They'll know for sure, and they may recommend you a plan which better suits your site's needs.

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    Google "How to estimate how many website visitors your hosting can deal with" and get the base metrics from your host, and you'll have a good idea. Basically, there are a lot of variables in play, especially how performant your site is - but you can do the math if you know what hardware you're hosted on.

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