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How to build an online authority?

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    How to build an online authority?

    Hi all,

    We all know that there are literally millions of blogs on various topics, but only a handful of them are so called authorities. What do you think helped them become ones? Is it knowledge and budget, or just a pure will power and determination, or a combination of all? Pls share.

    Take care!

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    To put it bluntly...."It is not what you do that matters...it is to do what matters!!" There are thousand things that you can do to build authority - build a blog, social media presence, youtube videos etc etc. If you are starting from scratch, then look at your own strength 1st. Would making videos be easier for you compared to writing articles? If yes, start a video channel on YouTube. See what others are doing and improve on it or make it into your own style. If you like writing, then start a blog...and have a presence on social media driving your audience back to your blog all the time. Build from there.
    Before you start anything, put everything on paper...and that would be your blueprint. Just scribbles is fine because you are the only one looking at them. This will help you FOCUS on your task at hand. Once you have done that you must have the DISCIPLINE to just do it irrespective of how you are feeling that day.
    Hope these tips are helpful.

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    To build authority online, you have to provide quality and relevant information that resonates with your readers and help them to sort out their problem. Starting a blog isn't the whole job. Creating quality and informative post is very important to build your authority online.
    Blogging Tips & Tricks @ Blogwithvk.com

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    When it comes to authority, content is the key. The better contents you create, the more notable you will become. Think of adding value with whatever you do. Create high quality contents that will solve your readers' problems, and they will in return share your contents both on social media and other authority websites (which will boost your page rank and domain authority).

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    There are lot of tricks out there, but ultimately substantial and lasting authority comes from the ability to provide value. I think people do better if they spend time deciding what they can do to actually provide something of value to a large audience, or even a smaller one if it is affluent or dedicated. SEO and other tricks can amplify that value but they cannot create it.

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