The Key to Building a Strong Online Reputation


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Jan 24, 2015
What are they trying to achieve with these techniques? Earning your trust as quickly as possible to sell you something. These methods have a basic problem:
"Trust is something you earn, you can not artificially generated"
Trust is the foundation of our reputation

If you think carefully, what pushes us to buy a book? Why do we opt for a brand? Why we believe what someone else says? Why read a blog instead?
What makes a person is reputable is the ability you have to inspire confidence.
Trust is the basis of branding, good reputation online, the loyalty to a brand. But,...

The Key to Building a Strong Online Reputation

I have a recipe for success, I'm not even sure that my statements are 100% correct. It's just what these years working and writing have taught me.
In this post I will talk about building trust aimed at building a good reputation online, but is equally applicable to the traditional world.
Therefore I am going to focus on the activity we develop in social networks, blogs, etc. and the impact that our offline activity has on these same means.
Reputation online = what you say about yourself + what others think about you
What you say about yourself is your activity on social networks and blogs, and what others think about you, is represented in the form of comments, the feeling of them, number and quality of visits on your blog ,fans,...etc

Building trust is based on the perception that users have of internal factors. Therefore, to build trust, we must first pass.
It is very important that you consider that everything you do on the Internet is part of your reputation, everything conveys a message. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

Whether you are on a professional level, and personally, everything you do add or subtract to your reputation. So you must do twice as you use every social network, which contained public, whom you are going, etc...

So, what are your keys and how did you build a strong online reputation for yourself?
I would like to hear your shares


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Jan 25, 2015
Hey Johnathan

You should write a blog on this site my friend, you clearly have a lot to offer.

With regards to your post above then I believe that without a strong reputation then you will struggle for success online.

The best way to get a good rep is to provide quality.

Just by providing quality alone, then you will start to build your reputation in the quickest time possible.

You need to knock the socks of your readers, really hit home with your work and the feedback and positive reviews/feedback will come.

This is what I feel is the best way to be known a s a trusted marketer.
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