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How to compare the speed of 2 different shared hosting plans?

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    How to compare the speed of 2 different shared hosting plans?

    I would like to buy 2 shared hosting plans for a few new sites and they come from 2 different servers. I don't know which one will give me better speed. Which factors should I consider when buying a shared hosting plan and how to compare the speed between them?

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    One thing you need to keep in mind. Shared servers speed changes constantly depending on how many visitors and processes are running on ALL of the shared accounts on the server. Sometimes they can be running fast and other times running very slowly. Even different shared servers at a host can run at different speeds depending on who is hosted on the server.

    If at all possible, go with a small VPS account and just scale it as your needs grow.

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    You can ask from future provider to give you a link or URL, where you could test the shared hosting server's overall speed. It should be really good and you should expect to have a little slower speed when your website will be uploaded into the package. This is because it will take more time to load fully functioning website. You should also consider asking if there are any PHP limits set on the package.

    I agree that the difference in load time can vary in different shared hosting servers. However, if you notice it before the provider, it should be pointed out and you can always ask for migration to the more free server.

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