This is a script I wrote to grab emails from a web page and place commas between them for bulk emailings. I'm not selling the script, I'm selling the service which is $2.00 per month plus the rights to advertise in the marketing forum.

Did you ever legitimately need to extract an entire list of emails from a web page? Perhaps it’s a list of book publishers, car dealers in your area or you may need to capture emails of website hosts from a list of sites on a web page.

I recently ran across this challenge as I was doing some marketing for my Get Neighborhood Addresses for Offline Marketing free online software. I ran across a bunch of emails on one web page for my target marketing group.

Rick “The Automation Man” Kirkham to His Own (and Your) Rescue!

I took a break from my marketing to write an online software application to get a list of comma separated (delimited) email from a web page. I’ve been using it myself and seem to have all the bugs out, but feel free to email me [email protected] if you run across any problems or have any questions.

Directions for Get Emails from a Web Page Online Software Application,32.msg38.html#.PleaseShareWithSocialGroupsByCopyingTheLinkUp