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What is the best hosting option for a gaming website

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    What is the best hosting option for a gaming website

    Hello folks,

    Looking forward to know hosting option for multiplayer gaming site?, is it make any difference for gaming hosting as compare to other websites ??

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think it's better to use a dedicated server, but if this option seems rather expensive to you, try with a VPS with higher specifications.

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    For any choice that you will make, look for a provider with anti-DDoS protection. Gaming websites/servers is probably one of the most involved type of usage for receiving DDoS type attacks. Also, probably you will be oriented into some specific region, so look for a provider with a DC in the specific region to optimize the speed between your users and the datacenter.

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    It depends how much resources are required. For a gaming website, the number of visitors would substantially increases then you need more resources. So Dedicated server will be a better option. For upgrade or for any changes need to be done dedicated server will be faster than other.

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    This depends on how many players there will be and the games themselves, as that factors into resources that you'll be consuming. If you're talking about a neighborhood circle, a VPS might work, but generally a dedicated server is recommended. I absolutely recommend having DDoS protection of some sort.
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    I believe he is asking about just a gaming website so all the chatter about VPS and dedicated is not necessary. A simple shared hosting account will suffice just as long as your not actually running any games on that hosting. Most of the time customers over host their websites expecting a huge flow of traffic anticipating the best website ever. But in reality driving traffic to a website is quite difficult and time consuming as well as expensive and takes a lot of time.

    Most likely there is a budget issue since this is a gaming website, so start with a shared hosting account then work you way up from there. If you community grows then move to a small VPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORLOVA View Post
    Hello folks,

    Looking forward to know hosting option for multiplayer gaming site?, is it make any difference for gaming hosting as compare to other websites ??

    Thanks in advance.
    Yes you will need a strong VPS or at least a dedicated server in this case, I would check dedicated hosting offers on this forum https://www.webmastersun.com/forums/132-dedicated-hosting-offers
    Why you need a dedicated server? because if you allow multi players on your game site, it will be high load sometimes and you can not run on a shared hosting or a small VPS with low configurations..

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