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what is better for web development? PHP or HTML/CSS/Javascript?

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    what is better for web development? PHP or HTML/CSS/Javascript?

    what is better for web development? PHP or HTML/CSS/Javascript?

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    All the languages and scripting languages that you have listed are all part of web development.

    HTML - (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the structuring language that is used to structure web pages. It sets up the basic structure of the web page and contains the content that is displayed on the web page. HTML5 is the current standard for HTML markup for web pages.

    CSS - (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to style the web pages. CSS is a scripting language that is used to style the appearance of our web pages. In the old days styling was added sometimes referred to as embedded to the HTML markup which made the pages very difficult to maintain. It was determined quite a few years ago that the styling of web pages would be handled by a separate language, thus CSS was born and developed. we are currently using CSS3 for most web page styling and a lot of functionality has been added to CSS over the years.

    PHP - (Hypertext PreProcessor) - is a server side scripting language that is use to perform general purpose programming for web development. Normally PHP is used to perform database integration for dynamic web development. PHP code is normally embedded into HTML pages to allow portions or all of the page content to be loaded from a database and displayed on the page.

    JavaScript - is one of the three core languages of the web and works hand in hand with HTML and CSS. It allows for user interaction of the web page and the web user.

    Obviously this is a very high level explanation, but as you should be able to see, these languages are all used to develop for the web.

    At a minimum you will need to understand HTML to design web pages, of course if you want to be able to style that page, you will need to understand and utilize CSS. So those two will be needed to make minimal web pages. Understanding PHP and JavaScript will make your pages much more dynamic and have the ability to have user interaction.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you need any clarifications.
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    Usually, all of these languages are used when creating a website. If you are wondering which one to use on your website - it depends on what you want to achieve on the website. If you wish to create a great web design and few animations, then HTML/CSS/Javascript can be enough for you. If you want to have a database and a lot of different calculations or forms, then PHP may come in handy. In most cases all of these languages are used when creating a website.

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    For web development you need to combine all of this things because everyone has its own benefits. PHP is used for server side scripting. HTML/CSS is used for frontend designing and Javascript/Jquery is used for client side scripting. So, for a web project you will need to combine all of these languages and achieve your goals.

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    PHP is for server side, HTML/CSS/Javascript are for front-end.

    They are completely different.

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    All the languages written here are the part of the website development. To make the website in PHP, you have to do design the front end in HTML/CSS and use JavaScript as well.

    HTML/CSS are the front end languages and PHP is server side language.

    If you want to create the website only in HTML then you can create that as well but most websites in HTML are simple content websites

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    Hi there,

    HTML/CSS is used for frontend designing and JavaScript/Jquery is used for client-side scripting. Mostly such languages are used on Static website or smaller websites. I am not focused on mark-up and style sheet languages, like HTML and CSS. They are essential to know if you do web development, but they're also not programming languages.
    PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. It is far more widely used by web developers to create websites and web applications. On the other hand, Word Press is a free open-source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySql.
    I will recommend going through below development or programming languages for your web development work:-


    Thanks & Regards
    Web Development

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    HTML/CSS is obliged for web developing both backend and frontend. If you want to develop on the server's side - then PHP. JS is used for making web pages interactive. You can use js and for server's logic, but php is more suitable for this

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