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How to speed up woocommerce sites?

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    How to speed up woocommerce sites?

    I have a Wodpress site, I made it as an ecommerce site by installing WooCommerce plugins with page builder plugins, the problem I am facing is, it loads pretty slow, I tried to improve my hosting and installed caches, CDN but didn't improve more as expected. Can any one share me any tips on how to speed up woocommerce sites?

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    Well, you will need to find out exactly what is loading slowly. Scan your website with "google pagespeed insights" tool or "GTmetrix", it will show you all the details of your webpage. There are lot more things you can do besides using cache plugin and CDN. Below are some of them listed:

    - If your database is large, try enabling mysql query cache.
    - Enable Gzip compression, it will reduce the page size.
    - If there are multiple javascripts and css files, try to combine into one and use the minimal versions.
    - Enable browser caching

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    There are many tools which can help you find out what is slowing down your website. If you have already tried to improve your hosting, most likely your website code is not optimized. I recommend checking the tools.pingdom.com or google pagespeed insight, where the test will show you which parts of the website can be improved.

    You can also try checking your Apache error log to see if there are no errors that can tell you why the website is slower.

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    Too speed up WooCommerce you generally need better hosting. Feel free to try out Servebolt, you can get your site tested there for free - just say hi on the chat and you'll get all the help you need.

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    I have pointed this out to many users of WordPress that the framework in inherently slow.

    WordPress is a good framework but it was designed as a one size fits all framework for blogging. What does that mean to you as a developer? There are many areas of the WordPress framework that many people do not use but still must be loaded in order for the framework to work. That is just the nature of the beast. Whenever you use a framework you have to take the pros and the cons that come with the framework.

    When you start adding additional features to WordPress in the form of plugins, you actually make the situation worse. These plugins add additional features to WordPress framework that were not a part of the original development or core code and modify the original code to support the plugin. Many of these features are not optimized with the core functionality of the framework in mind and some even conflict with the core code development. This can open security holes in the core development. These plugins also add features that you probably do not use but must be there in order for the plugin to work. The more you add the more bloat that becomes part of the WordPress core code.

    There are even plugins that are supposed to speed up the operation of WordPress, and in some aspects they do, but again they also add additional code to the core code. Which can open security issues and impact speed of the operations of some of the features you may be using.

    When moving into eCommerce your biggest concern should be security and there are some major issues with security features in WordPress. Google it, you will find hundreds of articles and white papers on the security concerns with WordPress. Because of the popularity of the framework it is a big target for hackers. The more popular a framework the more visibility the framework will get, the bigger the target it becomes.

    On eCommerce sites, it is best if the site is written from scratch for the that particular site. Controlling all the code that is involved with a customer transaction and keeping the core code to a minimum keeps the site running efficiently and keeps its secure. Probably not what you want to hear, but it is the truth.

    You can try some of the speed plugins for WordPress, but as stated many of them actually add bloat to the code and may slightly increase speed, but at what cost, if they add security issues or holes in the code are you willing to take that risk with your customer data.

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    WooCommerce allows non-skilled people to start building a prototype of a webshop and test it in the market quickly. It is also not insecure or slow by default, but like you mention it can very well become slow and insecure if you choose the wrong plugins. Search for the a article about "how to make WooCommerce fast" and read it - for security, a good practice when working with WordPress is to make sure only to use plugins that are frequently updated, and make sure you make updating WordPress/WooCommerce a regular and frequent task.

    Speed plugins in WordPress usually do not help on the real problem WooCommerce store owners have; the processing time for every request increases, and because most speed plugins base their performance improvements on caching, the important traffic is not addressed. Logged in clients, or even people who just add something to the shopping cart will get the non-cached and hence slow pages. The recipe for addressing this is better and faster hosting and databases.

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    I installed 3 these things on my Woocommerce site

    • Smush Image Compression
    • W3 Total Cache
    • Cloudflare CDN

    and its speed is improved.
    Do you have any other things to add to my list to improve woocommerce site better?

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    Website loading speed is a crucial factor, when it comes to a target audience browsing the site. A target audience prefers to access that particular site which loads faster. Here are some useful tips to improve your site's loading speed -

    1) Always choose a quality hosting services to register your site

    2) Keep you web technology up to date

    3) Choose the precise theme, as a theme with more features will take more time to load, as they have codes in them which take time to load properly

    4) Maintain you database on regular basis

    5) Optimize the images of your website

    Hope this tips will be helpful. But, if there is any real issue, regarding the speed of the site then it is always better to consult an experienced web developer.

    All the very best!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrygreen90 View Post
    I have a Wodpress site, I made it as an ecommerce site by installing WooCommerce plugins with page builder plugins, the problem I am facing is, it loads pretty slow, I tried to improve my hosting and installed caches, CDN but didn't improve more as expected. Can any one share me any tips on how to speed up woocommerce sites?
    Hello harrygreen90
    Plugins like Imagify can automatically optimize and compress your JPG, PNG and GIF files, reducing the size of your images by as much as 70% without sacrificing their quality.

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    Have you optimized your website - structure, images, etc.? If you use hosting with SSD storage, you can significantly improve the speed of your website. Check out if the following plans meet your requirements: https://www.bgocloud.com/hosting/websites-cpanel . They also include SSL certificates for higher level of security.

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