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    Website Builders

    Hey guys, what do you think about website builders?

    I am looking right now at the hPage website builder because I am planning to create a website. The only problem is, I have zero idea on how to code or use basic HTML. I have been reading some blogs for a while now and they say that website builders are the way to go if you are on a budget or you're looking for something affordable.

    Now, I have chosen hPage because of the features they seem to have. Well, for one, I don't have to code anymore, two, the websites apparently are SEO optimized, and third, they have additional features of business (and I can also get a domain and custom e-mail there).

    For you, what are your thoughts on website creators for beginners? Or should I just have a website made (although it's very expensive?) My plan is to make a fish hobby website.

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    What type of your website? normal website or an ecommerce website?

    Do you use Wordpress?

    If yes, I can suggest you some best website builders for this platform.

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    A website with informational articles targeted to fish hobbyists.

    It's gonna be a blog so Wordpress is out of the question. My plan is to have articles up for long-term use. I read about hPage having SEO optimization so I am considering that website creator a lot. I want a website where if someone searches for something, my article will come up easily in the search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kraodes View Post
    It's gonna be a blog so Wordpress is out of the question.
    Wordpress is a blogging platform. It's actually what it was originally designed for and what it does best. Now if your sites was NOT a blog, what you said would make sense.

    So, why is Wordpress out of the question?

    Don't waste your time with hpage, you don't need it. Plus all website builders tie your hands. You can only design pages the way their builder does it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Whisonant View Post
    Don't waste your time with hpage, you don't need it. Plus all website builders tie your hands. You can only design pages the way their builder does it.
    I agreed with Rob, Wordpress is the best platform that I have ever seen.

    If The OP is wanting to have a page builder with it then you can find any plugins such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi, Themify Builder.

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