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Ready-made logo templates for commercial use under the extended license - only $ 6

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    Ready-made logo templates for commercial use under the extended license - only $ 10

    Good day! I offer ready-made logo templates for commercial use under an extended license-for only $ 10.

    All these templates are designed by me.

    Beautiful and elegant logo will help to present your company to customers and guests in the best way!
    A small graphic thumbnail of your company will constantly remind everyone around that represents your company, and that your company is what they have been looking for. The logo can lead the company to leadership, it paves the way to the brand.
    These logo templates are suitable for fashion, beauty, hotels, restaurants, boutiques and shops, beauty salons and other business areas.
    Easy to edit, resize, color and text.
    Developed by Adobe Illustrator.
    After payment you will receive a link to download the archive, which will be:
    The source file of AI format (vector, editable),
    The source file in EPS format (vector editable),
    JPEG file (high resolution),
    Thank you for your purchase! Good luck and prosperity to You and your business!
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
    To edit the logo you will need Adobe Illustrator version CS+.
    The logo templates you buy are not exclusive and these logos can be used by someone else.
    Extended license:
    - Digital use (websites, mobile applications, software, e-books, etc.) - unlimited;
    - Print run (in books, magazines, posters, etc.) - unlimited;
    - Outdoor advertising (posters at events, billboards, posters in transport, etc.) - not limited;
    - Web templates and print templates-allowed;
    - Marking of goods is allowed.
    P/S: If you need an exclusive logo, you can order its development from me. In this thread - https://www.webmastersun.com/threads/21454-i-will-develop-a-unique-and-exclusive-logo-for-your-business
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