Hi, Magento store managers!

I think I have something interesting for you.
In case you face one of the problems listed below you should definitely continue reading:
Because of uncertainty which product categories will be oversold in near future you can not know what products to order from your supplier and this leads to unearned profits.
Because prices in your store are higher/lower than your competitors have you are losing extra profits or you are short on orders.
For whatever reason your most valuable customers are going to churn in near future and you do not know who exactly are those customers.

We are building the service which can help you to solve those problems.
See the demo here:

If this is something you would like to try it for your store, please let me know via direct messages.
For the first couple people we are going to make this service completely free for the whole year. No strings are attached, we want to receive your feedback and know more about any other problems you do have in your online business.