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Cheap Alpha Master cPanel Reseller Hosting with Unlimited Everything - 40% Off

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    Cheap Alpha Master cPanel Reseller Hosting with Unlimited Everything - 40% Off

    Who is this Smart Reseller Hosting?
    Smart Reseller Hosting (Smartresel.com) is a UK based Reseller Web Hosting Company that was established in 2017 with a vision of providing best in class and affordable web hosting services to its customers worldwide. Smartresel.com offers one of the best customer services in the industry along with a fast, secure and reliable cloud hosting platform that is equipped with the latest speed technology.

    Are you a web design agency or looking to start a web hosting company? Our cheap Reseller Hosting plans will offer you everything you need to get started. It will give your web hosting business a competitive edge, no matter the niche. Your customers get access to premium applications such as:

    FREE JetBackup - unlimited daily backup jobs
    FREE MailChannel - improve your email deliverability and protect against blacklisting
    FREE Imunify360 - automated multi-layered Cybersecurity for Linux Web Servers
    FREE SiteLock - protect your website, reputation, and visitors against cyber threats.
    FREE Litespeed LSWS - one-stop web-acceleration solutions
    FREE Cloudflare - Supercharge your website with built-in CDN, Security, Analytics and more!
    FREE Lets Encrypt – Free SSL certificate for all users
    FREE SitePad - Easy to use, Drag & Drop Website builder with 50+ Themes and 40+ Widgets
    FREE DDoS Protection - DDoS protection up to 10Gbps!
    WHMCS License – free and discounted license for all users
    And many more.

    We have the following reseller plans:

    With our Alpha reseller plan, you can create Master, WHM Reseller and cPanel accounts . We use WHMReseller plugin to manage and handle Alpha Reseller Hosting. Just like a normal reseller hosting account with Alpha reseller you get a WHM and a cPanel account. You get access to Alpha Reseller control panel from where you can manage all Master & WHM Reseller accounts under you. See details plan at Alpha Reseller Hosting.

    With our master reseller plans, you can create reseller accounts. We use WHMReseller plugin to manage and handle Master Reseller Hosting. Just like a normal reseller hosting account with Master reseller you get a WHM and a cPanel account. You get access to Master Reseller control panel in WHM from where you can manage all WHM reseller accounts under you. See details plan at Master Reseller Hosting.

    WHM Reseller Hosting is a special kind of Hosting where you can create unlimited cPanel accounts. You get a separate control panel called “WHM” along with cPanel account to manage all your sub cPanel accounts. See details plan at WHM Reseller Hosting.

    We offer data across two continents: North America and Europe. No matter where your target audience is, we have a solution for you! Thus you can choose the closest one to your visitors to get the best website speed. Our North America facility is located in Missouri, USA. In Europe our server is located in London, UK. All our datacenters are staffed 24/7 with on-site engineers.
    If you are looking for pure SSD drives, 24/7 support and unlimited storage and data, we are one of the cheapest reseller hosting providers in North America and Europe with 99.999% Servers uptime.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    Our Current Deals
    Use Promo Code: CRAUN14Q5L for 40% Off on any of our Linux Reseller Hosting Plan
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Need more information about our hosting services visit our website at www.smartresel.com

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    Price is good. How much RAM can i have on Alpha Reseller Hosting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrygreen90 View Post
    Price is good. How much RAM can i have on Alpha Reseller Hosting?
    This is our cPanel Account Basic Resource Limits for all our Reseller Plans

    Virtual Memory: 3048MB (3GB)
    Physical Memory: 2024MB (2GB)
    Concurrent Connections: 25
    Number of Processes: 100
    I/O Limit: 2048KB/s
    I/O operations per second: 1024
    Inodes (soft/hard): 100,000 / 250,000

    if you install CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento these resource limits are very okay for you. However, there are several situations when a website may need a RAM upgrade, just contact us for an upgrade then we will gladly upgrade your account RAM for you free.

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