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Inviting people to a forum

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    Inviting people to a forum

    I don't know if I'm right with choosing the right forum category, but anyway I hope you help me.

    What I really wanted to ask you, is how to invite people to a newly created forum.Suppose I've installed the forum script, properly set it up and started posting. I assume there could be sense of postings by one person as long as this person is the only registered forum member. That however can't last for a long time, this is why I'd like to know the ways of inviting people.

    Yeah, I'm aware that it could be somehow connected with spending money, but anyway... I already know the main topic of the future forum. The only question that I've got is about inviting people.

    Thanks a lot!


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    Starting a new forum is always a tuff one unless you have a large following already on Instagram, Facebook etc. Most forums buy paid posters to get it going and look active. This way you don't have the ghost town syndrome where people won't join a forum that is not already active.

    Never go to other forums and invite people to your forum. That is usually a permanent ban. It's not cool to try to take other forums members.

    If you have a Facebook group on the same topic that YOU are in control of, that can be a good place to get some members. But, most Facebook users don't want to go off Facebook to a forum.

    Paid advertising can work well but only if you ALREADY have an active forum. Again, nobody wants to join a ghost town.

    So the fastest way is to just pay a bunch of people to join and fill the board up with posts. Then start looking for real members.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear. But that's basically how starting up new forums works these days.

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