WANTED Inviting All Affiliate Marketers To a New Joint Venture Contest With Over $1000 in Cash Prizes


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Jan 22, 2015
Hi WMS members,

I’m launching my new product called "Easy Traffic Club" which will help newbies learn how to drive massive amounts of traffic without spending a dime. The training is really easy to follow and anyone can use this info to become popular online.

The content is up-to-date with some new SEO and social media techniques for 2015. I believe this offer will be extremely successful and your followers/subscribers will be happy.

Affiliates will get 70% commissions on the front-end product then get 30% for the upsell. There’s also over $1000 in cash prizes to be won so make sure you dont miss out.

Register for the JV Contest and find more info here: http://easytrafficclub.net/jvinvite/


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Sep 26, 2014
How effective is your Sales Copy?

Greetings @Nytshade,

I acknowledge that I glanced at your post and was about to ignore it and move on.

However, I am conducting research about Sales Copy for a client and I begun to question myself why I was about to ignore your post yet it could be of great value.

Please look at my post here and let me know if you could have placed your invitation to join your Joint Venture in a different context.

I only put this here not as a criticism but a quest to learn and perhaps help those newbies you target.
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