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How to blog effectively in 9 easy tips

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    Post How to blog effectively in 9 easy tips

    I sure that everyone here already have a blog for your own thus I want to some easy tips for you to make blogging effectively.

    1 - Search engines do not like duplicate content articles that appear on multiple websites.
    A successful blog stands or falls with unique content. Although much time and energy, write original pieces cost but you do not do it then your blog unsuccessful. So try if at all possible to be unique and distinctive.

    2 - Do you have visitors to your website then you hold them. This can include with internal links with the right anchor text, references to other blog pieces on your site. Put this left than the right words, the addition effect on the visibility of your site.

    3 - Links to other blogs and websites to your blog called backlinks. Backlinks are essential for a place at the top of Google. The more backlinks, the more popular you are in the search engine Google and the higher you place in the search results. However, not every link is worth as much and Google looks include the relevance between the two sites.
    The rule that applies links on similar sites or blogs are always good. Is not Google, or for new visitors who come to your site via the link.

    4 - You can change the value and reach of your blog increase by inviting guest bloggers. Everyone likes to hear that you appreciate his knowledge and is in the other you often provides that in addition to an interesting blog post a backlink on. Anyway it's nice to exchange ideas and build relationships with like-minded

    5 - In every niche there are certain questions that people often ask or topics that are always up to date. Research what they are - for example through the trending topics on Twitter - and answer them in a blog. The better you respond to the questions and interests of your target audience, the more likely that they will find you.

    6 - An active blog readers have the feeling that you are there for them. Reply with regular compliments on their involvement and do your best their questions and solve problems. Be kind to your readers in short, for they determine your success or failure.

    7 - Encourage readers to comment on your blog. You can do this by asking questions or suggestions. Also make sure to respond to that is simple.

    8 - Some readers regularly visit your blog others rockers accidentally drop by and lose him in the eye. Because almost no one remembers the URL of your website or book market him do it to the reader in several ways to bind. Wise to your Create an email newsletter, distributed new blogs through social media and offers an RSS feed.

    9 - Social Media is a great way to get visitors to your blog. Use Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to lure visitors. To your blog Bring new - or strong content - older blog posts to the attention or question about which topics they would like to read your followers. This again provides interaction and visitors to your website.

    Good luck!

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    Nice, these can also be easily applied to Facebook pages

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    Thank you so much for this because I not only create animated whiteboard explainer videos for startups. I also am finally taking the first step into getting into freelance writing, and making that into a business. Your post helps me bigtime, so thanks again

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    These 9 tips are great for new bloggers, I have two more I'd like to add from personal experience

    1- Connect everything you can with your social media. Make it so that whenever you post on your blog, it posts this update on your Facebook and Twitter account. It saves you the job from posting everything manually.

    2- Don't be afraid to share personal things! Your audience will probably appreciate that since they will feel more connected to you and your blog, and they'll probably come back for more. Use personal experiences in most of the things you say.

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