Flat design and its benefits


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Aug 26, 2013
Flat design is getting quite popular. Top companies such as Microsoft and Apple are using it with their websites. So what is the main hint of the design pattern- simplicity and intuitive approach. There are no complicated design techniques used within this approach. So the main specialties of the design are:

  • The approach is very user-friendly and easy in use.
  • The classical sophisticated design approaches are replaced with visual hierarchy and use of colors.
  • There's only 2D and everything that used to be 3D is reorganized.
  • There are plenty of colors used for the design pattern- either bright color mixture of up to 8 colors or neutral colors with a wide range of color shades.
  • Typography serves as a tool for differentiating buttons, forms and similar details.
  • Text is limited to the minimal amount.
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